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Managing CSA Scores Through Training

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Effective Driver Training Made Easy!

With the FMCSA’s implementation of CSA, your on the road safety violations are open for public viewing. Shippers, brokers, insurance companies, lawyers, your customers and even the general public all have access to your scores and violation data.

Managing CSA scores is critical to the success of your business. Good scores can lead to shippers seeking you out, lower insurance rates, and a proven history of good safety practices.  Bad scores can have the opposite effect. 70% of the violation points that make up your safety score are from “observable” or “driver caused” defecs. To a large degree, the actions of your drivers make up your safety rating. Consistent and effective training is the key to improving your Driver’s actions.

Glostone Trucking Solutions offers an online training and testing system that is inherently designed to effect positive behavioral change in your drivers. It’s easy to use and available 24/7. All that’s needed is a computer with audio and an internet connection! We can completely customize your company’s training – even for individual users – including documented test results. Use any of the dozens of pre-produced modules that come standard, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content.

Our driver training solution also comes with our acclaimed customer service. We can provide all of the administration efforts or we can work with your designated administrators with step-by-step, comprehensive training that ensures smooth implementation and daily management. Pricing is as low as $3.00 per driver, per month! Start managing your CSA scores by giving us a call today!

01 Aug, 11

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