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ELD/Tech Data Management And Compliance


ELD/Tech Data Management and Compliance

The adoption of ELDs is mandated to start Dec 17th, 2017 for those that meet the ELD requirements. 

The ELD mandate represents a very large change that affects every aspect of trucking, from top to bottom. Once the company has embraced the ELD, transitioning the driver into the technology will be the next most difficult part of this change. An effective transition plan will make a positive difference on how well and how quickly this change is adopted. Geotab did some extensive research and has been able to quantify that deploying and effectively managing a telematics solution can reduce fleet wide cost 10 to 16%.

Outsourcing your data management to a company with the expertise, best practice internal controls and latest technology is the best option to insure you get the most out of your technology solution. Call us today 503-607-1088 to talk to our expert staff.