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Coronavirus: Trucking keeps moving, regulations still required, drug testing collection sites still open, stay safe

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Coronavirus: Trucking keeps moving, regulations still required, drug testing collection sites still open, stay safe

For an up-to-date HOS exemption and State Emergency exemptions, go to our sister website here: Coronavirus: What Happens To Trucking When States And Federal Declare Emergency

Trucking freight keeps moving even during the coronavirus pandemic. Trucking doesn’t have the option to slow down.

In many states, including the Northwest, schools are canceled, concerts and major events are canceled, sporting events are canceled, and grocery stores are getting low on perishable items and cleaning supplies. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are not the only things weighing on the COVID-19-stressed supply chain.

According to CCJ, “a survey released Thursday by Institute for Supply Management showed that almost 75% of respondents have already seen coronavirus-related transportation disruptions with another 80%-plus expecting to see some impact.”

Trucking conferences and other events are being canceled, including the Mid-America Trucking Show, one of the largest such annual shows in the U.S., announced yesterday it was canceling this year’s event, which was set for next month in Louisville, Kentucky.

Wish these conferences were livestreamed or virtual online? You can watch our 2020 trucking conference presentations, plus other previous annual conference recordings, monthly webinars, etc. You can find them all here:

Trucking regulations also do not stop in these times of crisis. Possibly, hours of service regulations could be relaxed (like during national emergencies), but random or post-accident drug testing, safety regulations and more are still required.

CleanFleet is still managing drug testing programs, collection clinics for drug testing are still open, and Glostone is still helping fleets stay in compliance.

While we continue to help fleets, we will stay updated on the latest with trucking regulations, state’s requirements or recommendations on business operations, and will notify our clients on any changes that may affect them.

Remember, if you are a driver and are sick, stay home to not spread the possibility of COVID-19. We are hearing some locations where drivers are dropping loads are requiring them to have their temperature taken and turning drivers away if they have a fever.

Landline magazine said, “Recent confirmed changes in policy at facilities like the Americold warehouse in Henderson, Nev., and the Tyson facility in Cincinnati have added paperwork at the check-in point that include signing an affidavit confirming your health status. Keep in mind if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, be prepared to remain in self-quarantine for the duration of your pick-up or delivery at these facilities.”

These questions include:

  • “Have or anyone you live with you been out of the country recently?”
  • “Have you or anyone you live with had contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or do you have a confirmed case of COVID-19?”
  • “Do you have or have recently had flu-like symptoms?”

We want to also remind everyone, that even during a national crisis, we can still be loving, we can still be kind, and please, be safe and stay educated with trustworthy sources.

13 Mar, 20

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