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We combine automation with expertise to offer our clients’ FMCSA compliance processes, documentation, record retention and best practices for DQ files, log books, safety score management and more. When the auditors come, we stand behind our work and alongside our client’s to work together for the best possible outcomes.

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We take the guesswork and costly mistakes out of getting your company set up and your equipment properly registered.  No more navigating government websites and making endless phone calls. Glostone Trucking Solutions is our clients’ one-stop processing agent for all their permit, authority, license plate, and titling needs.

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Fuel Tax

When dealing with taxation authorities, accuracy and record keeping is essential. Glostone Trucking Solutions collects, double checks, interprets, files and stores both paper and e-trip data to ensure every client pays the right amount, to the right place, on time, every time. 

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Can you measure the value and return of your training? We can. Our multi-platform training methods offers easily-accessible coursework and measurable assessments that can be tracked against performance. We go beyond the due diligence of providing training – we correct behavior.

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Saves Money

Tailored services that work with you to avoid costly regulatory pitfalls.  Our expertise and efficiency accomplishes more for you with less investment.


Less Stress

Focus more on running your business and less on regulatory compliance.  You can rest easy knowing we are behind you to help ensure you are legal and in compliance.


Human Technology

Applying human expertise with the latest technology provides our clients with compliance efficiency without giving up common sense and best practice interactions between people. 



“We recently went thru a DOT Compliance Review and the DOT agent said that our files were “as good as he’s seen”. We have worked with Glostone for a few years now, and they have been instrumental in keeping our files up to date and compliant. I would highly recommend them.”

— Doug Rolfes, Owner, Hawkeye TSI

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Starting The Process...

New Entrants

Starting up or making organizational changes to a company that uses trucks is a process without a road map with lots of stops along the way. The process can include dealing with Federal & State agencies, abiding with Plans & Regulations with a mandated audit by the DOT, and more. Using Glostone, you have just one stop and we do all of the rest.

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Owner Operators

As an Owner Operator, your company title depends upon what you happen to be doing at the moment. You can be President, CFO, Head Mechanic, Dispatcher, Driver, and more all within the same hour. Your office is generally the cab of your truck. Glostone offers a full line of Risk Management & Compliance solutions customizable to fit your operation.

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Whether you operate a For Hire or Private fleet of trucks, risk management is all about balancing costs and focus with compliance & safety. Too much cost & focus can harm a company’s bottom line just as much as not having the proper programs or safety focus in place. Glostone Trucking Solutions offers a full line of Risk Management & Compliance solutions customizable to fit your operation.

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