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Mileage & Fuel Tax Reporting

Fuel and mileage taxes are a fact of life in trucking. To operate trucks in excess of 26,001 lbs interstate, trip by trip fuel permits must be purchased or operators must have an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) account set up that pays fuel taxes owed quarterly.

Setting up an IFTA account obligates the carrier to keep detailed records of travel and file quarterly fuel tax reports. In addition, a few states require a mileage tax account either in lieu of or in addition to the IFTA Fuel Tax account. Mileage taxes are based on distance traveled at a tax rate based upon the trucks weight.

At Glostone, fuel tax compliance is truly a turn-key solution.  From setting up the correct accounts to helping carriers make full use of their existing dispatch, GPS data and/or paper trip record keeping systems. We are the experts in both mileage & IFTA fuel tax reporting. Our reporting process is full service starting with monitoring your accounts and the input of your paper or e-mileage and fuel data.  We produce your state’s IFTA Tax report along with any required mileage tax reports, and we can file the reports on your behalf. Our quality control process insures your data is reported timely and accurately. We offer trip reconstruction, tax analysis by unit, by fleet or by terminal, assist in any audit and we will maintain your records for 4 years.


Human Technology:

We use our compliance expertise & experience, aided by the latest technology, to make sure your compliance data - trip reports, hours of service logs, tax and registration filings, etc - is complete, accurate, understandable, storable, and actionable. You work with one dedicated compliance manager focused on your business who is supported by a team of specialized compliance experts.  We deliver in a timely manner to make sure we accomplish our mission as your trusted advisor, making your compliance operations cheaper, more accurate, more efficient with a lot less worry.


Fuel & Mileage Tax Mock Audit

We can review a client’s in-house tax reporting procedures to assess the degree of compliance and potential risk in meeting the fuel and mileage tax reporting responsibilities.


Fuel & Mileage Tax Audit Consulting

We are available to carriers who find themselves in an audit and would like expert assistance to ensure the audit is performed accurately and guided to the best possible outcome.


The Glostone Fuel Tax Solution Process

  • - Verify and maintain equipment list
  • - Collect and maintain pin numbers for reporting
  • - Reminders for miles and fuel reporting deadlines
  • - Data Entry
  • - Verify mileage and fuel discrepancies
  • - Record reconstruction
  • - Oregon RUAF reports
  • - Fuel credits
  • - Amended reports
  • - Store Records for audit
  • - Correspond with the state on your behalf
  • - Audit assistance
  • - Mileage reports for fleet registration purposes
  • - Reefer fuel credit reports
  • - Prepare all Fuel & Mile tax reports
  • - File all tax payments directly to the state for client
  • - Operational reports by fleet or by truck
    • - Weights, Miles, States, Fuel, Units, MPG, Driver, Taxes
  • - We double check all data entry

 Contact Mailing Instructions for Fuel & Road Tax Accounts

Find the contacts and addresses for mailing instructions for Fuel & Road Tax Accounts for IFTA, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon state tax accounts. 

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