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Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting

The Glostone Fuel and Mileage tax solution is a full service program designed for complete compliance with the International Fuel Tax agreement and other State Mileage Tax programs. Our process includes monitoring for timely mileage and fuel submissions, data integrity, accurate reporting, timely filing and meeting the record keeping requirements. Our program is one solution to cover all of your fuel and mileage tax requirements.

Our technology, expertise and workflow process allows us to work with GPS data and fuel down loads, paper trip records and paper fuel receipts, or a combination of both. We guarantee our work!


The Glostone Fuel Tax Solution Process

  • - Verify and maintain equipment list
  • - Identify reportable vehicles from non-reportable vehicles
  • - Collect and maintain pin numbers for reporting
  • - Reminders for miles and fuel reporting deadlines
  • - Data entry from paper records
  • - Data importing and analysis from electronic records
  • - Verify mileage and fuel discrepancies
  • - Record reconstruction
  • - Oregon RUAF reports
  • - Fuel credits
  • - Amended reports
  • - Store Records (paper and electronic) for audit
  • - Correspond with the state on your behalf
  • - Audit assistance
  • - Mileage reports for fleet registration purposes
  • - Reefer fuel credit reports
  • - Prepare all Fuel & Mile tax reports
  • - Provide copies of all tax filings
  • - Single payment to us files all tax payments directly to each agency on your behalf
  • - Operational reports by fleet or by truck
    • - Weights, Miles, States, Fuel, Units, MPG, Driver, Taxes
  • - We double check all data entry

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 Contact Mailing Instructions for Fuel & Road Tax Accounts

Find the contacts and addresses for mailing instructions for Fuel & Road Tax Accounts for IFTA, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon state tax accounts. 

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