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Your Gateway to navigating DOT Compliance and Fleet Performance.

Glostone Trucking Solutions' NaviGATE – is a cloud-based gateway designed to compile, update, organize and place your compliance information at your fingertips. Documents, dashboards, detail and reports are just a click away. Best of all, we do the compliance work for you!

NaviGATE is your portal to accessing our decades of experience in providing high-level and accurate compliance services. Compliance areas including Driver Qualification Files, Equipment Licenses and Permits, Company Accounts, and more.

Connect in-cab telematics to streamline distance and fuel tax reporting plus other driver and equipment performance measures. Complete the compliance circle by taking advantage of Permit Book, our revolutionary cloud based, key document phone application that downloads key driver, equipment and company documents right to the drivers phone, storing them neatly organized, all in one place.

Glostone Trucking Solutions’ NaviGATE provides your fleet with the visibility and oversight to help reduce risk, improve efficiency, and grow your business.

DQ File Management

Our file management service electronically maintains all of the required DQ file documents for your review or DOT audit.  Our system identifies missing documents, tracks credential renewal dates, initiates the annual review process and keeps you informed every step of the way with 24/7 online access to documents, dashboards and data.


Our process includes:

  • • Glostone’s NaviGATE, your 24/7 gateway into your individual employee employment data, employee and/or Driver Qualification File documents, Drug & Alcohol program documents and training history.
  • • Upload all current DQ files into the system and review for compliance
  • • Electronically maintain each DQ file, by driver, by terminal
  • • Send alerts, action emails and follow up by one of our Safety Compliance Specialists regarding missing, expiring documents and/or upcoming compliance deadlines.
  • • Provide Customized DOT and Company required pre-hire documents to each driver applicant
  • • Work with each driver to complete forms and ensure 100% compliance (see DQ File Preparation Service)
  • • When hired, work with management to identify and complete required post-hire driver documents
  • • Initiate DOT and company required periodic file updates including ordering driver Motor Vehicle Records (MVR’s)
  • • Customizable option to upload Company specific documents and material

For those companies who want to go beyond minimum DQ file requirements, we can customize a program that can meet your needs.  Additional services can include:

  • • Gathering additional violation history (PSP report)
  • • Completing criminal and Social Security back ground checks,
  • • Inserting/reviewing specific company policies,
  • • Onboarding training videos
  • • Driver retention programs


The Glostone Difference:

  • • We offer a proprietary, web based platform where all files and documents are safely stored and retrieved
  • • Regulatory knowledge and expertise. We deal with Safety and Compliance regulations every day!
  • • Efficiency of system can reduce cost of labor, fines, and fees
  • • Monthly recap from a safety specialist to evaluate company’s safety and compliance

Cloud Based

Compliance Documents, Dashboards and Data, all in one place and available 24/7


We manage the technology, add our expertise, do the work, and provide you with the results. You use the results to manage risk, improve compliance, lower costs, and grow your business

Turn Key Compliance

Easy set up. Ongoing notifications. Fast service. Instant access to dashboards, data, analytics and more.

"Your gateway to see into our decades of experience and taking our high-level customer service a step further."


Access to individual employee employment data, emergency contact information, employee and/or Driver Qualification File documents, Drug & Alcohol program documents and training history.


Access to specific Truck and Trailer unit data, including maintenance schedule, history and reports. Includes unit specific documents along with unit, fleet, and company equipment dashboard summaries.

Company Accounts

This portal allows access to the various accounts, associated account numbers, and processed documents that have been established to operate your company and trucks.

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Want to take your compliance management further? At Glostone, we offer complete solutions for all your compliance needs from Safety, Audits, Licensing, Permits, Fuel Tax, ELDs, Driver Training, and more. Take a look and learn more about all the solutions we offer.