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Audit Solutions

The FMCSA’s Comprehensive Safety Analysis guarantees most every motor carrier will be scrutinized for safety compliance on a monthly basis. With scrutiny adds to your chances of being audited. Your company can go from a hero in safety compliance to a zero with just one bad driver.

Glostone Trucking Solutions can help with you through your audits and responding to audit requests.


FMCSA Audit Survival

As a new entrant into trucking, your company will be required to go through a detailed DOT safety compliance audit within the first 12 months of operation. Non-compliance with any one of sixteen key audit areas will result in failing the audit and could cancel your operating authority. Prior to an audit, we can review your records and assist with any needed preparation. We can even sit with you and your auditor to help smooth the process.

At any time after your new entrant audit, the DOT can determine a need to re-audit your required safety records. We can assist there too!


Periodic File Review

Performing a periodic review or mock-audit of your safety files and documentation is a best practice to always being prepared for an audit by the Department of Transportation.  On any schedule you determine, our experts can review your files, determine any shortcomings, provide forms and even assist in bringing the files up to full compliance.  Our reviews include:

  • - Driver Qualification Files
  • - Maintenance Files
  • - Hours of Service record keeping
  • - Required Company Safety Files


DOT Safety Management Plan (SMP) and Correspondence Assistance

As the DOT intervenes to correct a safety problem, they usually will require the carrier to submit a detailed response, in writing, as to the corrective actions you plan to take. This process is known as a Safety Management Plan or SMP (previously Corrective Action Plan or CA{ Plan) and is extremely time sensitive for any consideration to be given to the plan.

Our service can help you build that plan, provide the timely correspondence necessary to comply, and improve the final outcome.


Safety Rating Upgrade

Once the FMCSA has assigned a less than satisfactory new safety rating or lowered a current rating, the process to upgrade that rating is daunting and time consuming, often taking months and many hours of work.  We have successfully helped many clients through the upgrade process and have the expertise to make it as quick and as painless as possible.  Don’t travel that road alone.  We can help!


“We recently went thru a DOT Compliance Review and the DOT agent said that our files were “as good as he’s seen”. We have worked with Glostone for a few years now, and they have been instrumental in keeping our files up to date and compliant. I would highly recommend them.” 

 Doug Rolfes, Owner
Hawkeye TSI