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Technology Based Fleet Compliance


Managing in-cab technology data requires a much different back-office skill set than managing paper based processes. Implementing technology solutions is not only a learning curve for drivers but will require improvements to back office internal processes plus keeping up with the latest computer equipment and software upgrades.

Outsourcing your data management to a company with the expertise, best practice internal controls and latest technology is the best option to insure you get the most out of your technology solution.

Need a technology solution that can be customized for your fleet, including ELD functionality? Already have a telematics device, ELD or AOBRD and want to maximize the compliance and intelligence reporting capabilities? Confused about which technology solution will deliver the most value to your drivers, clients and bottom line?

See how Glostone can customize a management solution for you. Contact us with what packages you'd like to learn more about.


fleet trucking compliance management for ELD GPS tracking devices technology

Customized Technology Based Fleet Compliance

Using technology in your truck allows us to offer a complete suite of services that will help keep you FMCSA compliant, be prepared for any audit, provide you training and technology support completely customized for your Fleet's needs. 

Use our technology or bring your own!


Our customized technology based fleet compliance options include:


dq file management Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management

   This includes electronic document storage, documents accessible via the internet, on-going notifications of document requirements, and customized documents available


maintenance management Maintenance Management

   This includes maintenance schedule development, on-going vehicle monitoring, maintenance notifications, electronic documentation, and audit support


fuel tax and mileage management Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

   This includes electronic trip data review, paper trip data entry, fuel reconciliation, IFTA report preparation, mileage tax report preparation, tax and MPG by vehicle summaries, record keeping for audit, timely online report filing, and audit support


hos management Hours of Service (HOS) Management

   This includes ELD device training & support, adding/deleting drivers, log edit management, violation documentation, and HOS record keeping


driver performance management Basic or Premium Driver Performance

   This includes idling, speed, hard breaking, fuel consumption, monthly driver leaderboard, and monitoring multiple source software subscriptions for single data reports


safety Simple Month-to-Month Payment - No Long-term Contract! 

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Haven't decided on an ELD or GPS Tracking device yet? Check out Geotab! 

Simple, Universal, & Powerful


A World Leading Fleet Tracking Device

ELDs will be mandated for anyone who does not already have an AOBRD device in December 2017. Geotab is a leading GPS tracking company that has over 500,000 devices on the road already. There are many customization options available including a soon-to-be-released FMCSA ELD Compliant Solutions. 

The Geotab GO7 device is engineered to plug directly into your vehicle's OBDII port, provide in-vehicle driver coaching, and ultra-accurate recording. Geotab's fleet tracking device links to the vehicle's engine computer to extract rich data, allowing for accurate reporting.

Expand the capabilities of your device even further with many powerful including Glostone's Compliance Maintenance Management Add-Ons. Geotab did some extensive research and has been able to quantify that deploying and effectively managing a telematics solution can reduce fleet wide cost 10 to 16%.

• G07 Tracking Device 

• OBDII Port Cable

• Plug and Play Installation

• No Contract

• Work with your own in-cab device: Cellphone or Tablet

• Trip History

• Second by Second Data Stream


"The Geotab system has the ability to be easily customized for your particular operation. The amount of information that is available easily translates to cost savings and improved safety for your fleet. It is very intuitive and user-friendly. We would definitely recommend it."

Niska Hodgson
Log Haul & Forest Renewal Coordinator
Mistik Management Ltd.