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March – Compliance & Safety Monthly Update

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Compliance & Safety Monthly Update


ELD Mandate | HOS 100/150 Air Mile Exemption?

air mileDOT-regulated businesses that operate primarily in a local area are allowed to utilize what’s known as the 100/150 Air Mile Radius Exemption. Anyone who qualifies for the exemption is also exempt from upcoming ELD mandate. Click Here To Learn More.




‘Absolute measure’ scores return to public CSA SMS

VM-BASIC-carrier-measure-exampleThough the FAST Act highway bill required the percentiles BASIC alerts to be removed from public view, Debruyne noted that the bill specifically allowed for the retention of carrier’s so-called ‘absolute measures’ ” in individual BASIC categories in the SMS public display.





SFD Proposed Update | Changing Rating to “Unfit”


The SFD Proposed Rule was published Jan 21st, 2016. In the proposed rule, if a carrier shows a pattern on noncompliance and Fails 2 BASICS during a 24 month period in the CSA measurement system, they will receive a rating of “UNFIT”. Unless negotiated settlement based on a corrective action plan (CAP), only 60 days from UNFIT to Cease Operations.

Click Here To Learn More.





Glostone Saves Client $5K | A Case Study

saving truckers moneyGlostone has successfully helped clients reduce fines and get through the upgrade process with a corrective action plan (CAP). Late in 2015 a company was recently audited and faced heavy fines.  Here is their story.





Stories From The Bakken, A Trucker’s Perspective on Driver Safety | Your Comments

505b2ac84727b.image“So many carriers try to buy their way into plausible deniability instead of funding quality training and even more quality employees. Like the article suggests, the patch is a heavy offender.”  M. Lopez
See more of your comments here. 






The “Zipper” Truck is Changing the ways we Build Tunnels

zippertruckIn the same way you zip up your jacket, the “zipper truck” quickly assembles tunnels and archways by locking together pre-made concrete blocks that fit tightly together. Watch Video Here.

08 Mar, 16

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