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Compliance Solutions for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

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Successful companies using commercial trucks understand that operating safely is a cornerstone for its success. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations outline the minimum safety requirements that every regulated company must follow.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Comprehensive Safety Accountability (CSA) program guarantees most every company operating regulated trucks will be measured for safety compliance on a monthly basis. The CSA program is designed to improve truck and bus safety and ultimately reduce crashes by identifying and correcting poor truck safety operations.

Understanding and implementing programs that meet the regulations is the first step to not only operate safely but operating in compliance. Constant monitoring and taking corrective action is key to continued compliance. Your company can go from a hero in safety compliance to a zero with just one bad inspection and poorly trained driver.

At Glostone, we combine technology and safety regulation expertise to offer our clients’ compliance processes, documentation, record retention and best practices that meet and exceed FMCSA regulatory compliance. Our services are designed to accomplish the busy work of monitoring for compliance. Our reporting allows our clients to focus on the corrective actions needed to operate safely and in compliance. 

Our goal is to help our carriers manage safety compliance, reduce risk, and control the costs involved. When the auditors come, we stand behind our work and alongside our client’s to work together for the best possible outcomes.


Our Safety Compliance services include:


Driver Qualification File Preparation

Minimum compliance in preparing a DQ file requires an exacting and time consuming process to gather and document all of the required information which is used in the hiring decision. Our service provides all of the required document preparation and research leaving you with just the evaluation and hiring decision.

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Driver Qualification File Management

The FMCSR minimums for hiring document compliance requires an exacting and time consuming process. Our services provide all of the filling out, researching and maintaining, leaving you with just the evaluation. Ongoing file maintenance requirements are no less time consuming. Our electronic file management system places all of the documents at your fingertips, 24/7, with just a click of the mouse.

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ELD HOS Log Management

ELD driver logs are a high visibility target for DOT inspectors and auditors. The FMCSRs require carriers to monitor Hours of Service compliance of their drivers using ELDs on a regular basis and to take appropriate action to correct non-compliant behavior. Complying with the DOT HOS requirements means that you perform: A mandatory monthly recap of driver logs, pinpoint driver violations, and check for falsification. These same rules apply whether your drivers hand write their logs or if you use an ELD or AOBRD. ELD HOS data is reviewed for each driver in compliance with this regulation and reports created to assist you in taking action to correct any non-compliant behavior.

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 Audit Prep and Post-Audit Help (CAP Letter)

HOS (Hours Of Service) violations are one of the most common and costly violations recorded by the DOT. Our log auditing service works with paper and e-logs and does all the work for you to provide an easy, cost effective solution that meets the DOT requirements. We also provide mock audits for all safety audits, IRP, IFTA, and state mileage audits, as well as audit preparation and post-audit responses (CAP letter).

Pre-Audit Help
Post-Audit Help