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Fleet Solutions

fleet solutions at Glostone Trucking Solutions

Whether you operate a For Hire or Private fleet of trucks, risk management is all about balancing costs and focus with compliance and safety. Too much cost and focus can harm a company’s bottom line just as much as not having the proper programs or safety focus in place.

Glostone Trucking Solutions offers a full line of Risk Management & Compliance solutions customizable to fit your operation. You spend more time on your business with the peace of mind knowing you have experts working behind the scenes on your behalf, keeping you in compliance, properly focused, on budget and cheaper than you could do it yourself!


Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting

Stay in compliance with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) with our fuel and mileage tax reporting service. We can process both electronic and hand written fuel and mileage data, trip reconstruction, gap allocation, generate all required reports, produce by unit management reports, electronically store records, and assist you during an audit.

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Complete Fleet Licensing/Permitting

All commercial equipment used on the highways need to be properly registered every year. What that means precisely depends on the type of equipment, commodity and where the equipment will go. We’re experts at getting your equipment legal and kept legal in any state.

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CSA Score Management

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations outline over 650 possible safety violations. Every violation a Carrier receives is scored and becomes public information, updated monthly via the CSA website. Managing your CSA scores has become a business function essential to managing risk/safety, controlling costs, and even the ability to generate revenue. We offer multiple CSA Score Monitoring services to help your company manage its scores and stay in compliance.

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Driver Pre-Employment Qualification

Hiring the right drivers is a critical part to the success of any motor carrier. Complying with the DOT’s pre-employment record keeping requirements is critical to staying in compliance and fine free in this process. With our Driver Employment Qualification service, Glostone Trucking Solutions will ensure you get the timely background information you need to make the right choice and rest assured that the required paperwork is completed, documented and in full compliance with the regulations.

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CSA Driver Qualification File Management & Certification

With our partners from Compli, Glostone Trucking Solutions goes well beyond ensuring each hired driver’s file is properly completed, maintained and updated to meet DOT compliance requirements. Our system and service is designed to help carriers manage drivers, increase productivity, and help promote safe and efficient fleets.

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Web-Based Training

Staying safe and compliant often means training. We offer a customized, professionally produced, and cost effective web based training solution. Being web based, training can be done at any time, in front of any computer with audio and internet access. Monitor your driver training with verifiable proof of all completed training.

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Vehicle Maintenance File Management

DOT requirements for how you manage and keep your vehicle maintenance records are very specific. Our service can streamline the paperwork while allowing you instant, any time, web based access to all of your records.


Log Auditing

Driver logs are a high visibility target for DOT inspectors and auditors. HOS violations are one of the most common and costly violations recorded by the DOT. Complying with the DOT HOS requirements means that you perform a mandatory, monthly recap of driver logs, pinpointing driver violations and check for falsification. These same rules apply whether your drivers hand write their logs or if you use an EOBR. In addition, the DOT will review your company policy on HOS along with the progressive disciplinary actions taken by your company for the violations that you find. Our log auditing service will work with any type of log, does all the work for you to provide you an easy, cost effective solution that meets the DOT requirements.


Violation Error Correction

Inaccurate inspection data is a function of human error by DOT officials. Getting the inaccurate data removed from your records can be frustrating and time consuming. Our error correction service will manage the process for you.


DOT Intervention Action Planning

As the DOT intervenes to correct a safety problem, they usually will require detailed responses, in writing, as to the corrective actions you plan to take. Our service can help you build that plan and provide the timely correspondence necessary to comply with their requirements.

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DOT/IFTA Audit Preparation

Don’t face an audit alone! How questions are interpreted and answered can often be the difference between being in compliance or not. Glostone Trucking Solutions has successfully helped hundreds of clients through the audit process. We can help you prepare and/or represent you in the audit process.


CleanFleet Drug & Alcohol Program Management

A  membership through our sister company CleanFleet offers motor carriers management support for meeting the mandatory Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations part 40 & 382 random drug and alcohol testing program requirements. Click below for a direct link to CleanFleet’s full site.