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ELD HOS Log Management


What is ELD HOS Log Management?

ELD Driver logs are a high visibility target for DOT inspectors and auditors. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require carriers to monitor Hours of Service compliance of their drivers using ELDs on a regular basis and to take appropriate action to correct non-compliant behavior. Complying with the DOT HOS requirements means that you perform:

  • - A mandatory monthly recap of driver logs
  • - Pinpoint driver violations
  • - And check for falsification

These same rules apply whether your drivers hand write their logs or if you use an AOBRD or ELD. In addition, the DOT will review your company policy on HOS along with the progressive disciplinary actions taken by your company for the violations that you find.

Our log auditing service will work with any type of log, does all the work for you to provide you an easy, cost effective solution that meets the DOT requirements. ELD Hours of Service data is reviewed for each driver in compliance with this regulation and reports created to assist you in taking action to correct any non-compliant behavior:

  • - ELD Violation Company Summary Report
  • - Individual, Detailed Driver Violation Notices
  • - Driver No Violation Congratulation Notices


The information contained in these reports can be used in the following manner:

ELD Violation Summary Report

  • - Provides an at a glance 6 month and current month ranking of the top and bottom performing drivers
  • - Provides an at a glance 6 month and current month evaluation of compliance risk potential in CSA violation points
  • - Provides a graph view of trends over time by number of violations and by violation point value

Individual, Detailed Driver Violation Notices

  • - Provides a ready to use violation notice format for review with each driver
  • - Provides a format for documenting each review
  • - Helps identify areas that may require further training
  • - Provides a ready to use format to obtain the drivers signature to document progressive discipline conversations
  • - Provides driver file documentation to prove company hours of service monitoring in a DOT audit review

Driver No Violation Congratulations Notices

  • - Provides a ready to use format to document, congratulate, and positively recognize drivers with no violations
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