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Integrated Informatics

Integrated Informatics

We turn in-truck technology into compliance and more!

In-the-truck technology is quickly replacing paper, driver generated reports.  Driver logs, trip distance records and maintenance inspection reports are examples of where in-truck technology can increase the accuracy of your compliance and save both time and money with increased efficiency.

Technology used in the truck requires technology knowledge and skills in the back office.  Our technology experts combined with our compliance experts are a perfect combination that can make your back office as simple as logging in. Our technology and expertise will turn your data into information that can be easily used by drivers, dispatchers, safety managers and corporate managers to guide day to day business decisions.

Features of Integrated Informatics Reporting Services include:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Scheduled delivery of Reports
  • Report Consulting
  • Report Design
  • Report Support
  • Multiple Output Options(.pdf, .xml, .xls, .txt, .tiff, .csv, etc…)
  • Multiple Delivery Methods (ftp, html, email, etc…)

Examples of Reporting Offerings:

  • Automated Electronic Logging Device Reporting/E-logs Analysis
  • Scheduled Maintenance by Unit
  • Parts Warranty Tracking
  • MPGs by Unit
  • IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting
  • Fuel Usage Reporting
  • Engine Diagnostic Performance Reporting
  • Driver Qualification File Management and Reporting
  • Roadside Inspection Reports by Driver

The Glostone Informatics Advantage

Glostone Trucking Solutions 100% web-based workflow tool, the Integrated Trucking Compliance System (ITCS), provides management reporting and dashboards, driver reporting, customization support, and real-time information to give you the information you need to make decisions and stay in compliance. Glostone provides the technology engine, data management, and compliance expertise allowing you to focus on operating your business. Glostone benefits include:

  • No costly downloads, discs, or upgrades to install. Simply login.
  • User security. You control authorized users and viewable content.
  • We work with any type of data, electronic or paper based or a combination of both.
  • Auto import of DOT CSA violation data and analysis reports.
  • Driver scorecards pushed to individual mobile devises for driver education and awareness.
  • Free Audit support.
  • Our expertise, monitoring, and data reviews are  included.
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reports, DOT Hours of Service Driver Log Auditing, Licensing and Truck Permits, Driver Qualification File Maintenance, Pre-employment Screening, Equipment Maintenance Management, Web Based Driver Training, DVIR Tracking and Tax Recovery. Choose all or just or one.
  • Unlimited access to your data.
  • We process, review for accuracy, and make you data viewable along with exception and management reports. No one is faster!

Let Glostone Trucking Solutions supply the back office technology and  produce the information you need to operate your business efficiently and in regulatory compliance. We have the tools, expertise and commitment to service that will assist you attain a Best in Class operation! Call us at 503-607-1088 today.