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Customized/On-Demand Training

Don't see the content you are looking for or want a custom date scheduled? We can customize training to fit your needs. Give us a call today for more information at 503-607-1088.


Web-Based Video Training Library

available courses for driver training

The Glostone Trucking Solutions Learning Center offers one time or monthly subscription access to a library of online, professionally produced, and cost effective training videos designed to enhance any driver safety training program.  This web based training can be done at any time in front of any computer with audio and internet access.

Over 300 videos available accessible through user name login and passwords. Training modules are 3 to 20 minutes in length.


Oregon Distracted Driving Avoidance Course

Our Oregon DOT approved Distracted Driving Avoidance Course (DDAC) is 100% online on any device and also available in-person at our Clackamas and North Portland locations.

Registration is only $30.00 and requires a phone call at 503-607-1088.

Tuition: $30.00


Log Book Mastery Course 

Hours of service rules have been the irritant of driver and manager alike for as long as anyone can remember. Logbook violations are among the easiest violations for an auditor to find during a safety review. If you fail in this area the best safety rating you will get is a Conditional.  Our 4 hour Log Book Mastery class will show you how to better understand and self-regulate:

 - Hours of Service rules:11-14, 60/7, & 70/8 rules

 - Split-sleeper & combined off-duty options

 - How to check for falsified logs

Tuition: $99.00

*Online Option Available*

Safety - Beyond Basics

Many motor carriers see their compliance operations as part of the “cost of doing business,” and do their best to remain in compliance with the FMCSA by properly training their drivers and setting up a system of compliance documentation. However, the best carriers know that having a strong and proactive compliance program can actually drive revenue to the company and protect them from the risks of civil litigation that exist even for compliant companies.

In our eight hour Beyond Basics course, you will learm:

- How to identify and change driver attitudes and behaviors that contribute to non-compliance and accidents;

- How to decrease driver turn-over through a clear system of driver development and investment;

- How to better interpret your CSA scores so you know where to invest your time, energy, and resources when you do need to make changes to your operations;

- The principals involved in evaluating, implementing, managing and profiting from adding technology driven compliance solutions to your operation;


Tuition: $199.00


Safety Fundamentals Boot Camp 

safety fundamentals boot camp

This 8 hour course provides training in the fundamentals of what must be in place to be in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s).  Topics include Driver and Supervisor Training Requirements, Driver Qualifications, Hours of Service, Inspection-Repair-Maintenance, Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing and more.

Tuition: $199.00


Drug & Alcohol DER Training 

Training without
DATIA Credential Test
DATIA Credential Test

Call us for more info: 503.479.6082