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Meet Our Team

Dave Gray - Owner and President of Glostone Trucking Solutions

Dave Gray, President

Dave spent 30 years in retail operations management prior to acquiring Glostone Trucking Solutions, a regulatory compliance company, in 2001.  He along with his wife and son then acquired CleanFleet, a drug and alcohol program management company, in 2011. 

Dave serves as the current President of the North American Transportation Services Association, is an active Industry Advisory Committee Board Member for both the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP), and is active within the Oregon Motor Carrier Transportation Advisory Committee (MCTAC).

Heather Gray - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Heather Gray, Vice President of Operations & Licensing Department Manager

Heather is the Vice President of Operations and the Licensing Department Manager with Glostone Trucking Solutions, helping to get clients’ vehicles properly registered and keeping those records in Federal and State compliance. Originally from California, she moved here when Brian G. swept her off her feet! She studied Early Childhood Development in college and decided after having her own child that she could not work with 30 students like her own! When she is not helping clients, she enjoys crafting of all kinds and do a lot of DIY projects… pretty much a Pinterest junkie.

Ryan is the Business Development Manager at Glostone Trucking Solutions

Luke Kibby, Business Development and Marketing Manager

Luke is the Business Development and Marketing Manager for Glostone Trucking Solutions and CleanFleet, dedicated to helping Glostone and CleanFleet to become the thought-leader for trucking industry and drug and alcohol industry news. When not helping clients or writing articles and managing webinars, he enjoys dancing, playing, and wrestling with his two little kids, cooking fabulous meals, and giving his wife many many back massages. 

Ryan is the Business Development Manager at Glostone Trucking Solutions

Tony Hugo, Director of Safety Services

Tony comes to Glostone Trucking Solutions with over five years of local FMCSA enforcement experience, first as a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and then as a Safety Compliance Specialist. Tony also honorably served the State of Oregon as a Lieutenant for Oregon’s Department of Corrections for thirteen years. Tony’s insight will help Glostone to further refine our current audit preparation processes and conform our on-going auditing processes – like maintaining vehicle maintenance files, driver qualification files, and hours of service records – to the expectations of state and federal officials and to industry best practices. Tony will also be helping to further enhance our already in-depth training curriculum and to develop new course work. 

Brian Gray - owner and COO of CleanFleet Oregon

Brian Gray, Chief Operating Officer at CleanFleet and Chief Technology Officer at Glostone

Brian is the Chief Operating Officer at CleanFleet and the Chief Technology Officer at Glostone Trucking Solutions. With a bachelors in Mathematics and a Masters in Sports Management, he left California with his wife to help acquire CleanFleet, a drug and alcohol program management company, in 2011. No matter if at work being our tech and programming expert or at home, he cheers for the Washington Huskies college football team!

Shirley Gray - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Shirley Gray, Vice President


Lindsey Meserve - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Lindsey Meserve, Senior Account Manager


Alex Vukonich - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Alex Vukonich, Senior Account Manager


Alex Balogh - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Alex Balogh, Account Manager


Alex Balogh - Glostone Trucking Solutions

Natika Holm, Account Manager


Meet our Team - Glostone Trucking Solutions family