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Monthly Trucking KPI Calculator

Monthly Trucking KPI Calculator

Running a successful for-hire trucking business without knowing how much money you need to charge to cover your costs, how much money is coming in, where the money is going and what is hopefully left over for profit is like driving a truck with your eyes closed.  You just can’t do it.  Tracking key performance indicators (KPI’s) is a simple method to track how you are doing and provide you with key information to make sound business decisions.

Using the calculator below will help you track your kpi’s during a month.  Recording your kpi’s every month will develop trends where you will be able to recognize and react to problems before they become unmanageable. Don’t operate your business with your eyes closed!  Track these key performance indicators and use this knowledge to run a better business:

  • Revenue
  • Revenue Per Mile
  • Average Fuel Costs
  • MPG
  • Fuel Costs Per Mile
  • Total Monthly Costs
  • and Monthly Profit

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