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Differences and Similarities between an ELD and IFTA Compliant Data Recording Systems eBook

Buyers Beware!  What you need to know before buying an Electronic Logging Device:

The FMCSA has mandated that drivers convert to an approved ELD system by Dec 2017. When approaching this conversion, the first question to ask is: Do I want a device that just meets the ELD requirement or do I want a device that can also accomplish other regulatory compliance requirements such as IFTA?

If the answer is: I want a device that will meet both ELD and IFTA requirements, selecting the right device becomes critical!

Not understanding the differences between ELD and IFTA requirements and selecting the wrong device can get you into a costly compliance nightmare. To help the buying decision, download the ebook and take a look at 4 key areas of similarities and differences between a compliant electronic ELD and IFTA solution:

  1. 1. Distance Data Collection
  2. 2. Requirements Reporting Requirements
  3. 3. Minimum Device Requirements
  4. 4. Carriers Responsibilities
  5. So, how do you take COMPLETE advantage of your ELD solution?
  6. Digitalizing Compliance
  7. Without Internal Controls, Even The Best Technology Solution Becomes A Costly Risk
  8. Turning Data Into Actionable And Profitable Information Takes Effective Management


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