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DataQ Challenges and why they matter

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DataQ Challenges and why they matter

Written by North America Transportation Services Association (NATSA)

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) established the DataQ system in February 2004, the online system for drivers, motor carriers, Federal and State agencies, and others to file concerns about Federal and State data maintained in MCMIS and released to the public by FMCSA.

dataqebookThe DataQ system is used to fix incorrect or duplicated information in the Federal MCMIS database. This is the system that generates your safety measurement system scores for public viewing, as well as the database for a driver’s “Pre-Employment Screening Program” and a motor carriers audit results.

The most common use for the DataQ is to request the removal or correction of violations incurred during roadside inspections.

As a motor carrier, actively managing your safety measurement system (SMS) scores is crucial. The “SMS” will only become more central to the FMCSA’s enforcement strategy as we move forward from 2017. Eventually, the SMS will determine your DOT safety rating based off of your SMS scores and inspection data so it is more important than ever to make sure the data in the system is accurate and appropriate for your company.

The Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) is a powerful tool for motor carriers making hiring decisions. As a driver, you may want to be sure that your PSP report accurately reflects your violations and accidents.

One example of a common DataQ challenge is a motor carrier notices that their SMS score for hours-of-service has increased since last month but they are not aware of any recent HOS violations.

For more common DataQ challenges, links to additional resources, or additional DataQ tips to be aware of, you can:

  • Download the NATSA DataQ ebook, Download Now
  • Watch the DataQ video: NATSA Education Committee Presents the basics of DATA Q challenges from NATSA Member Alex Vukonich of Glostone Trucking Solutions

02 Mar, 17

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