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Log Book MASTERY Workshop Nov 19th

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LogBook Mastery Workshop Nov 19th, 2015

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Nov 19th, 2015  All Day
Located in the Glostone Clackamas Learning Center

A northwest carrier received a ‘conditional’ rating the beginning of the year when their CSA BASICS went over the threshold.  Determined to make improvements and faced with higher insurance rates and customers turning to other carriers, they requested a follow up audit but had to wait more than 6 months.  Even though there were only 7 drivers used in the audit selections, it took nearly two weeks in total for the results to be finalized.  Toll receipts, fuel and inspection records, and all the shipping documents were examined and compared with independent confirmation.

Seemingly “small” violations, such as the 30-minute rest break rule, became new ‘critical’ violations under Part 385, Appendix B List of Acute and Critical violations.  Many motor carriers are learning the hard way that when an audit discovers that a driver has failed to comply with the new rule, that violation has the same negative effect on the audit outcome as false logs or serious over-hours violations.

Under Part 385 audit procedures, ‘critical’ violations are those where 10% or more of the records reviewed are in violation.  For example, a fleet of 25 drivers requires the DOT to audit a sampling of only five drivers.  Since audits are the result of poor on-the-road safety performance, the DOT enforcement agent already knows which drivers are in violation and includes them in the audit.  A sampling of 5 driver’s logbooks produces a sampling of 150 records.  Therefore, if even one driver hasn’t complied with the 30-minute rest break rule for even 15 days, the motor carrier will get a ‘Conditional’ safety rating at best!

Updated Workshop includes expanded section on how to do falsification checks the same way the DOT does them.  And, how to successfully file for an upgrade in safety rating!

The Dec 3rd Log Book MASTERY™ workshop will cover all existing rules and incorporate the rule changes in real-life logbook situations. In addition, at the conclusion, you will be able to audit 30 days of logs with confidence, without the aid of a computer!  Even if you use a log scanning program or EOBR/ELDs, you must be able to recognize and explain the violations and detect falsifications.

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19 Oct, 15

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