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OTA Compliance Services:

Driver Qualification File, PSP Reports, and Video Driver Training


Oregon Trucking Associations has partnered with Glostone Trucking Solutions to provide OTA Members with key regulatory compliance services at membership discounted pricing. 

Driver Qualification (DQ) File Prep

Minimum compliance in preparing a DQ file requires an exacting and time consuming process to gather and document all of the required information used in the hiring decision. The DQ Prep service provides all of the required document preparation leaving you with just the evaluation and hiring decision. This service will give you the information that can improve the quality of drivers you hire and insure your files will pass a DOT audit. 

Here is how we can help!

  • – Provide all required FMCSR Driver Qualification forms
  • – Work with each driver candidate, in person or over the phone, to complete all forms
  • – Obtain Driver Signatures on required completed forms
  • – Process “records of inquiry” to past employers (up to 3 attempts)
  • – Obtain Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • – Recap results and indicate areas where clients may want more information from the candidate
  • – Provide client a paper and/or electronic DQ file containing all completed documents
  • – Also, confirm that medical card was performed by a certified examiner
  • – Verify that CDL & medical card are valid
  • – Two week around

Pre-Employment Screen Program (PSP) Reports

For Carriers: Avoid hiring a problem!  Find out a driver candidates roadside violation history before you make the hire by accessing the DOT’s Pre-employment Screening Program report. OTA has partnered with a registered third party provider for these reports that will save you the time and the expense of establishing, accessing, record keeping and renewing your own account.

Simply email the drivers signed consent form and within 24 hours you will receive the DOT PSP report outlining DOT violation data collected over the past 3 years for that driver.

For Drivers: Your eligibility to get a job as a driver can be directly influenced by the DOT PSP report.  It is recommended that every driver verify the accuracy of their PSP report data at least twice per year.  Inaccuracies should be challenged through the DOT DataQ process to keep your record clean.  The PSP report can be obtained on an “as requested” basis or on a set schedule so that you can routinely view your data.

Oregon Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

The Oregon MVR is a driving record containing information about a drivers driving history. The MVR shows convictions by an Oregon court, which typically remain on record for 3-5 years. An MVR will also include data for any type of vehicle, including passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and buses.

The FMCSA requires that a carrier obtain and review a driver candidates MVR at the time of hire. To ensure the employer remains aware of a commercial drivers driving record, an annual review of the driver is also required and must include an updated MVR. Obtaining an MVR can only be done with the drivers written permission and processed directly with the State or through a registered state agent.

The OTA is providing its Members Oregon MVR Reports through a state registered agent, Glostone Trucking Solutions. Due to strict privacy laws surrounding MVR’s, completed reports will be sent to the Member directly from the agent. An Oregon MVR is generally processed and returned by the State within 3 business days

Managed Driver Video Training

If your truck driver safety training program is running on outdated DVDs and VHS tapes, it is time to bring your program into the digital age with our library of over 400 professionally produced videos covering training topics designed to enhance any existing safety training program. Options: One time access to library of online training videos or Monthly subscription access to library of online training videos.

Our Library of Online Training Videos benefits: 

  • – Training modules are 3 to 20 minutes in length
  • – It’s easy to use and available 24/7 with a computer (audio) and internet connection
  • – Mobile device friendly
  • – Our online training and testing system is designed to effect positive behavioral change in your drivers
  • – We can completely customize your company’s training – even for individual users – including documented test results
  • – Use any of the dozens of pre-produced modules that come standard, use your own materials, or even utilize licensed content
  • – We can provide all of the administration efforts or we can work with your designated administrators with step-by-step, comprehensive training with daily management

Oregon Distracted Driving Avoidance Course

The Oregon’s Distracted Driving Law (ORS 811.507), forbids holding or using electronic device while operating a motor vehicle (even while stopped at a stop sign or traffic signal) – Effective date October 1, 2017. This presentation has been approved by ODOT to meet the requirements of Oregon Law (ORS 811.507) for a qualified distracted driving course.

The material, presented by John Sallak, will provide overwhelming evidence of the dangers involved with distracted driving along with the types of distracted driving, and preventing distracted driving. This training will take about 2 hours to complete including the knowledge proficiency exam. Proof of completion requires an exam score with a minimum passing grade of 80% (Of the 15 multiple choice questions asked, you will be allowed up to 3 incorrect answers for a passing grade).

This Online Training is for preventative training or proof of completion of this course may be used to offset fines associated for first time offenders of Oregon’s Distracted Driving Law. **Check with your court to ensure this option applies**

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