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New Entrant Compliance Starter Kit


Companies new to the trucking business will face a rigorous DOT Audit within the first 18 months of operation. There are many areas that will be audited but there are 16 acute areas where a failure will result in not being allowed to operate.

Our starter kit gives you the tools you need to comply with DOT regulations and pass the audit. Our Compliance Specialists can walk you through step by step just what the auditors will want to see.

We’ve never had a client fail the audit using our Compliance Starter Kit!


Compliance Starter Kit for new Owner Operators and trucking companies

Compliance Starter Kit = $299.00

• Driver Qualification (DQ) File 

   All of the forms and instruction required for a compliant DQ file

• Maintenance Schedule

   Provides the tools to set up a compliant equipment maintenance program

• Company Compliance Files

   Includes the forms every motor carrier company is required to maintain

• Company Policies

   Compliance with the regulations requires specific, written company policies that we can customize to your company

• Instruction

   Our Compliance Starter Kit includes up to 2 hours of one-on-one instruction for completing all of the required documentation


Need an ELD? Check out Geotab 

Simple, Universal, & Powerful


A World Leading Fleet Tracking Device

ELDs will be mandated for anyone who does not already have an AOBRD device in December 2017. Geotab is a leading GPS tracking company that has over 500,000 devices on the road already. There are many customization options available with their FMCSA ELD Compliant Geotab Drive ELD. 

The Geotab GO8 device is engineered to plug directly into your vehicle's OBDII port, provide in-vehicle driver coaching, and ultra-accurate recording. Geotab's fleet tracking device links to the vehicle's engine computer to extract rich data, allowing for accurate reporting.

Plus... Geotab offers free upgrades as technology changes! Not having to face buying new equipment as technology and networks evolve makes it a smart investment.  Three or four years from now when 3G networks are no longer supported or some other breakthrough happens, a free upgrade will be made available! 

Expand the capabilities of your device even further with many powerful including Glostone's Compliance Maintenance Management Add-Ons.

• G08 Tracking Device 

• OBDII Port Cable

• Plug and Play Installation

• No Contract

• Work with your own in-cab device: Cellphone or Tablet

• Trip History

• Second by Second Data Stream

"I implemented Geotab devices in our fleet of commercial over the road trucks and we love it. It cuts our jobs in half, no more needing to wonder where the equipment is. It also gives us almost pin point location of all equipment, helping us guide drivers to their destinations. We've used other GPS devices before and they don't even come close to Geotab."

Behaja Dzananovic
CEO & President
Silver Trucking LLC

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