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Driver Retention

Move from talking to doing!


When was the last time you thought about Workplace Culture, especially around driver retention? It's time to make a change. For the first time ever, “Driver Shortage” is the number 1 critical issue in the trucking industry, according to ATRI’s 2017 report! Over the last 13 years, the trucking industry’s top 10 critical issues include “Driver Shortage” and “Driver Retention” 19 times (15 of which were top 5 critical issues).

  • • Did you know that it can cost up to $6,500 to hire each new driver? 
    • • Did you know that 90% of driver turnover happens within the first 180 days of being hired? 
      • • Did you know that the main reason a driver decides to quit is a perception of not being treated well by the employer? 

We offer a low cost retention program that provides measurable results...

Glostone offers three types of Driver Retention programs headed by the legend, Mike Meredith. Why are we different? Because of Mike's experience: Director of Professional Development of Haney Truck Line for 10 years, Vice President-State Relations of the American Trucking Associations for 6 years, and President and CEO of the Oregon Trucking Associations for 21 years. Mike understands how to talk to drivers, trucking regulation knowledge, understands best-practice organizational culture, and has helped motor carriers and drivers for many years. 


Driver Retention Basic - How it Works: 

Effective communication and listening is the most important element for a driver to feel appreciated, respected and a valuable member of the team. It’s often the difference between a driver being content in a job or looking for a new one.

We offer professional one on one communication and listening touch points with each new driver over their first 180 days that includes:

  • • 14 day wellness check call
  • • 30 day wellness check call
  • • 60 day wellness check call
  • • 90 day wellness check call
  • • 120 day wellness check call
  • • 180 day wellness check call


What to Expect: 

  • • We work with your management team to develop customized call criteria
  • • Any Driver issues are escalated to management immediately for a resolution
  • • Monthly status and measurement reports provided to management
  • • Quarterly retention measurement reports to management
Only $100.00 for the 6 month program, per monitored driver (No set up fee required)



Retention Plus - How it works:

Exit interviews fit into the separation stage of employees. This stage spans from the moment an employee becomes disengaged until their departure from the organization. An off-boarding process allows both the employer and employee to properly close the existing relationship so that company materials are collected, administrative forms are completed, knowledge base and projects are transferred or documented, feedback and insights are gathered through exit interviews, and any loose ends are resolved.

Exit Interviews can be a valuable tool to improve employee retention. We conduct a customized and comprehensive phone Exit Interview with each designated employee. This service can be in conjunction with our Basic service or a standalone service.

  • • Individual Exit Interview results reported to management
    • Cumulative results tabulate, analyzed and reported to management
$30.00 per interview (No set up fee required)



Employee Satisfaction Survey - How it works:

Finding out what the issues are is the first step to step to solving them. We work with your management team to customize an Employee Satisfaction Survey that offers a method to collect and analyze information from your most important asset, your employees. Survey data can uncover ordinarily hidden information that can help improve your company.

$10.00 per employee, per survey ($250 minimum)


glostone driver retention solution


We are excited to have the legend, Mike Meredith, to head our Driver Retention solution. Mike's experience includes: 

Director of Professional Development of Haney Truck Line for 10 years, Vice President-State Relations of the American Trucking Associations for 6 years, and President and CEO of the Oregon Trucking Associations for 21 years.


Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 503.607.1088 or Fill out the form and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly: