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Driver Retention

Move from talking to doing!


  • • Did you know that it can cost up to $6,500 to hire each new driver? 
    • • Did you know that 90% of driver turnover happens within the first 180 days of being hired? 
      • • Did you know that the main reason a driver decides to quit is a perception of not being treated well by the employer? 

We offer a low cost retention program that provides measurable results...


Driver Retention Basic - How it Works: 

Effective communication and listening is the most important element for a driver to feel appreciated, respected and a valuable member of the team. It’s often the difference between a driver being content in a job or looking for a new one.

We offer professional one on one communication and listening touch points with each new driver over their first 180 days that includes:

  • • 14 day wellness check call
  • • 30 day wellness check call
  • • 60 day wellness check call
  • • 90 day wellness check call
  • • 120 day wellness check call
  • • 180 day wellness check call


What to Expect: 

  • • We work with your management team to develop customized call criteria
  • • Any Driver issues are escalated to management immediately for a resolution
  • • Monthly status and measurement reports provided to management
  • • Quarterly retention measurement reports to management
Only $100.00 for the 6 month program, per monitored driver (No set up fee required)



Retention Plus - How it works:

Exit Interviews can be a valuable tool to improve employee retention. We conduct a customized and comprehensive phone Exit Interview with each designated employee. This service can be in conjunction with our Basic service or a standalone service.

  • • Individual Exit Interview results reported to management
    • Cumulative results tabulate, analyzed and reported to management
$30.00 per interview (No set up fee required)



Employee Satisfaction Survey - How it works:

Finding out what the issues are is the first step to step to solving them. We work with your management team to customize an Employee Satisfaction Survey that offers a method to collect and analyze information from your most important asset, your employees. Survey data can uncover ordinarily hidden information that can help improve your company.

$10.00 per employee, per survey ($250 minimum)


glostone driver retention solution

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