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Asset Management: Licensing and Permits

Just getting started or need to renew? We Can Help


Renewing registrations, licenses, tax accounts, and many specialty permits is an annual headache that carrier’s dread.  Getting your vehicles properly registered and keeping those records in Federal DOT compliance and State compliance takes time, expertise, and the right programs. Start the year on the right foot. Glostone Trucking Solutions has the tools to assist with maintaining your equipment records. We know what to do and we do it right, saving you time, money, worry, and frustration. You will talk to our staff live and we will help you understand what is happening when you register. Call us today 503-607-1088 to talk to our expert staff.


Most 2019 renewals start in October and must be completed prior to December 31, 2018, including:

  • Truck Registrations which must include proof of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment
  • IFTA Licenses
  • UCR Filings
  • Oregon Weight/Tax Identifier Account
  • New Mexico Mileage Tax Account
  • New York Heavy Use Tax (HUT) Permit (due by November 30)
  • And many individual Federal and State specialty permits like:
  • Over weight/dimension Permits
  • HazMat Permits


The renewal season floods state agencies with added work.  Many states have undergone budget cuts and have reduced the locations and/or staffing to process these renewals.  In their effort to control the workflow and provide timely service, these agencies open up the renewal process several months prior to the deadline. Those without their new credentials by January 1, 2018, can face heavy fines.


Contact Glostone Trucking Solutions to help you with all your Licensing and Permits today, 503-607-1088 and talk to our expert staff!

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Company Permits, Licenses, & Authorities

Setting up a company to operate trucks is a series of steps that depends upon the type of operation you have. We can help your company to:

  • Work with your State’s business registry office to register your business name
  • Obtain your Federal MC Authority
  • Obtain a Federal US DOT Number
  • Perform US DOT updates
  • Obtain your Federal HazMat Permit
  • Set up State mileage accounts
  • Obtain insurance
  • Apply for Process Agents
  • Set up required DOT company files and policies
  • Manage FMCSR Violations
  • And more!

New Vehicle, Renewal & Add To Fleet Registrations

We can establish a new registration account, obtain plates/tags, renew registrations and add trucks to your fleet in any state, often within 24 hours.

Title Work

Our services include truck and/or trailer titling, replacement of lost titles, search for ownership, assistance with release of interests and more!

Vehicle Specific Permits And Stickers

All vehicles need to be registered properly for the states and provinces in which they wish to operate. We can provide all of the necessary permits including:

  • State HazMat
  • UCR
  • HVUT /2290
  • Over Dimension Trip Permits
  • Fuel Permits


Our Basic $159* Authority Package Includes

  • File for your Federal URS registration and  authority on your behalf
    • Obtain your USDOT Number
    • Obtain your For-hire authority
  • File for your Process Agents (BOC-3)
  • Work with you to have your insurance company  provide the necessary insurance filing
  • Monitor your filing until processed • Establish your ongoing FMCSA portal for the  required biennial updates

For more details about your Authority, expedite options, or any of our other many services, call 503-607-1088 or contact us for a FREE quote!

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