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IFTA and IRP Fuel Tax Reporting Management

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Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting Management:

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Whether you track your fuel purchases and miles using paper trip records or an in-cab telematics device, you face costly fees and penalties in the event you incorrectly calculate or file your IFTA, IRP, or other state-specific road use taxes. States are becoming more aggressive in pursuing fuel tax audits and more and more carriers are turning to Glostone to make sure they're ready if and when the auditor arrives. Give us a call today: 503-607-1088.


Glostone Trucking Solution's road and fuel tax service aligns and automates all of your tax compliance activities. Once you provide us with your paper trip records or give us access to your GPS and telematics data, we will check your trip data, calculate your tax liability, and file your taxes on your behalf. All you have to do is write a check to the relevant authorities or we can disperse funds on your behalf. Our quality control process insures your data is reported timely and accurately. We offer trip reconstruction, tax analysis by unit, by fleet, or by terminal, and we will store your records according to the regulations of IFTA, IRP, state taxing authorities, and the IRS.

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Fuel & Mileage Tax Mock Audit

We can review your in-house tax reporting procedures to assess the degree of compliance and potential risk in your current fuel and mileage tax reporting practices. We can also audit specific filings and periods of filings to review for accuracy and recommend whether you might submit amended filings. If you do need an amended filing, we can also do this on your behalf.


Fuel & Mileage Tax Audit Consulting

We are also available to carriers who find themselves in an audit and would like expert assistance to ensure the audit is performed accurately and guided to the best possible outcome.


The Glostone Fuel Tax Solution Process

  • Verify and maintain equipment list
  • Collect and maintain pin numbers for reporting
  • Reminders for miles and fuel reporting deadlines
  • Data Entry
  • Verify mileage and fuel discrepancies
  • Record reconstruction
  • Oregon RUAF reports
  • Fuel credits
  • Amended reports
  • Store Records for audit
  • Correspond with the state on your behalf
  • Audit assistance
  • Mileage reports for fleet registration purposes
  • Reefer fuel credit reports
  • Prepare all Fuel & Mile tax reports
  • File all tax payments directly to the state for client
  • Operational reports by fleet or by truck
    • Weights, Miles, States, Fuel, Units, MPG, Driver, Taxes
  • We double check all data entry


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