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Compliance, Safety, Fleet Management

EROAD’s ELD makes going electronic easier and more accurate than ever. Designed from the ground up with the driver in mind, our highly intuitive in-vehicle hardware synchronizes with the engine to automatically record hours of service (HOS). The simple touchscreen lets drivers view, edit and add notes to their logs, and easily present their record of duty status during roadside inspections. EROAD’s durable ELD stays in the vehicle, so there is nothing to forget.

Driver-friendly design

Intuitive touchscreen makes
logging, viewing and editing easy.

Superior accuracy

High ping rate transmits more
precise data, more often.

Secure, reliable connection

All data is automatically transmitted to an easy-to-use web portal.

Easy-to-access data

Everything is at your fingertips
for reports and tax filing.

Independently tested. Industry trusted.

EROAD’s user-friendly ELD is independently tested by a third party for its accuracy and performance.




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Glostone Trucking Solutions, offering solutions that work for you

Your trusted regulatory compliance and best practice partner


Leading National Regulatory Compliance Experts

Glostone Trucking Solutions combines Telematics Deployment with Telematics Best Practice System Management to accomplish regulatory compliance faster-cheaper-more accurately than doing it yourself.  Add performance, productivity and safety metrics and Glostone can also help you lower operating costs, improve driving behavior, decrease turnover, and increase your revenue per mile.

• Help design the telematics solution for your operation

• Telematics deployment and monitoring

• Dashboard management and customization

• Report management and customization

• ELD device driver training programs

• ELD driver log editing and reporting

• IFTA filing and record keeping

• Weight/mileage tax filing and record keeping

• Equipment maintenance management

• Multiple platform data merging and reporting

• Our experts in trucking compliance and best practices working shoulder to shoulder with you to accomplish your goals.

• Full telematics tech support and training


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