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group-photoGlostone Trucking Solutions is the premier trucking regulatory compliance company in the northwest since 1996.  We are always seeking motivated, customer service and growth oriented individuals to become part of our fast paced and growing company. We pride ourselves in our level of service, accuracy, timeliness, and compliance within this highly regulated industry.

We work with trucking companies of all sizes to accomplish best practice compliance through services performed and working through various regulatory agencies.  Our services can directly and positively impact the on the road safety of our clients.

The right candidates will be professionally-minded, flexible, intelligent, technology savvy, and team oriented individuals that can help us take our compliance services into the next era of trucking compliance.

Check out the end of this page for immediate job opportunities.


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Immediate Job Opportunities

Licensing Specialist 1

The Licensing Specialist 1 position is responsible for assisting Account Managers with preparing, submitting, and following up with the regulatory forms and paperwork required for meeting the regulatory needs of their clients.

In general, the Licensing Specialist 1 person will need to gain specific knowledge via on the job training of the State and Federal trucking regulation forms and requirements in order to accurately and proficiently accomplish the needs in a timely fashion.

Specific skills needed to accomplish the above include but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintain a courteous, customer service, and team building business presence in dress, grooming, manor, and behavior.
  • Be of sound enough health to be able to lift up to 25 lbs, climb 1 flight of stairs, and walk 1 block to the post office.
  • Be able to speak clearly, effectively, and courteously with clients and service providers, both in person and over the phone.
  • Be knowledgeable in the operation of a computer and specific software to generate and submit forms, order supplies, make labels, search the internet, and generate correspondence and marketing letters.
  • Respond quickly and professionally to client questions.
  • Monitor client needs to proactively meet those needs in a timely fashion.
  • Be proficient in the use of the internet for research.
  • Be able to 10 key by touch for data entry.
  • Be able to recognize and solve problems.
  • Be self-managed with the ability to organize and prioritize your work load.
  • Have basic math skills to determine fees, compute tax totals, and give change.
  • Be able to accurately and proficiently manage several projects at the same time through effective organization and prioritization.
  • Other duties such as calling delinquent accounts, preparing mail, getting the mail, photo copying, and keeping the work area clean and safe.


Safety Department Administrative Manager

Responsible for the production of best in class Glostone Safety Services that achieve the goals of our clients.  This will be done by:

  • Effectively managing department staff of approximately 3.
  • Working with the Director of Safety Services and Vice President of Operations to develop and implement new business strategies.
  • Ensure that the key areas of department service responsibilities, such as Driver Log Management, Driver Qualification File production, Driver File Management, Equipment Maintenance Program Management, Video Training platform management and overall customer service meet all deadlines, exceed customer expectations and strives to keep every client in compliance.
  • Work closely with fellow department managers to effectively take the lead role to coordinate communication to clients.
  • Minimize production costs by maximizing team efficiency and accuracy by developing new, or improving current, workflow processes. This responsibility also involves improving use of current software and technology tools or searching for and implementing new tools.
  • Train current and future safety department personnel and develop new training procedures to improve safety department performance
  • Work closely with fellow department managers to effectively coordinate delivery of services to clients

Job Functions:

  • Assign and schedule work responsibilities, tasks, and special projects to safety department personnel and ensure work is completed accurately and on-time
  • Meet with safety department personnel – as a team and individually – on a regular basis to review regular performance and review progress towards completing long term goals and projects
  • Track and manage employee metrics and present these metrics in comprehensible quantitative and qualitative forms
  • Manage multiple databases of information relevant to clients’ compliance, adding and purging files when necessary, and organizing the data into convenient and intuitive directories
  • Recruit, hire, and train new safety department personnel as necessary
  • Through on the job training gain the industry knowledge to respond to client and personnel requests, questions, and concerns in regards to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and industry best practices for compliance and safety
  • Perform any “ground-level” safety services work when necessary, including, but not limited to: log auditing, building and maintaining driver qualification files, building and maintaining maintenance files, writing corrective action plan letters, and setting up courses of training for clients.

Necessary Skills:

  • The ability to comprehend, apply, and interpret DOT and FMCSA regulatory statutes, rulings, and guidance documents
  • The ability to engage in “detective work” – inferring logical conclusions from a set of data points and past behaviors and looking for evidence to support suspicions and hypotheses
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
  • Mastery of basic arithmetic and algebra with and without the use of a calculator
  • Mastery of written English, especially focused on technical or legal writing, with the ability to form arguments and reduce complex ideas into simple propositions
  • Familiarity with web-based modes of communication, such as GoToMeeting, Skype, or other similar platforms
  • Ability to prioritize, stay task focused, delegate, meet deadlines, and handle the stress of a fast paced, task production environment.

Personality Fits:

  • Capable of self-management in daily and long-term operations
  • Capable of maintaining a high level of discretion in regards to client information
  • Capable of relaying criticism and cautionary information in a constructive and diplomatic manner
  • Capable of prioritizing and triaging concurrent tasks, demands, and request
  • Capable of maintaining respectful, working relationships with co-workers, customers, vendors, and the public
  • Capable of acting in a coaching and mentoring capacity (especially with clients) rather than in an enforcement capacity
  • Capable of asking for help and delegating work


  • Five to seven years of business administration, safety, compliance, accounting, or project management experience in commercial transportation or a related industry.
  • Three years of experience managing administrative staff
  • Specialized and industry-specific professional credentials in compliance and safety are welcome but not required

GPS/Telematics Data Specialist

Job Summary:

The GPS/Telematics Data Specialist position will be responsible for assisting Glostone Account Managers work with their clients who use telematics solutions to accomplish regulatory compliance and maximize the benefits telematics systems offer.  Specifically, the Data Specialist will use telematics data to generate required,  deadline sensitive, regulatory compliance reports for our clients such as Fuel Tax Reporting, Mileage Tax reporting,  Equipment Maintenance Scheduling, and Hours of Service Management using various internal software programs.  Additionally, the Data Specialist will assist Account Managers develop and build specific reports and dashboards from telematics system data that allow each client to effect positive change in safety, productivity, fuel usage, and maintenance costs.

Job Specifications:

  • Review client telematics data for accuracy
  • For clients using telematics, ensure the Fuel Tax and Mileage Tax reports are generated accurately, filed correctly and by deadline.
  • Assist the Safety Department in managing the data for Hours of Service Management and Equipment Maintenance management
  • Combine paper data with telematics data into one data set.
  • Help clients and Glostone staff trouble shoot telematics data issues
  • Generate both internal and external reports using telematics data
  • Electronically storing essential data for audit purposes
  • Work closely with fellow data entry specialists to effectively coordinate communication to clients.
  • Ability to work full time, Monday through Friday.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Be able to learn and apply complex regulations.
  • Maintain a courteous, customer service, and team building business presence in dress, grooming, manor, and behavior.
  • Be able to speak clearly, effectively, and courteously with clients both in person and over the phone.
  • Strong presentation skills to effectively communicate concepts to both upper management and customers.
  • Be knowledgeable in the operation of a computer, networks, data sharing, analysis, and data base structures.
  • Above average skill level using Excel including basic programming and pivot table creation
  • Respond quickly and professionally to client questions.
  • Be proficient in the use of the internet for research.
  • Be able to 10 key by touch for data entry.
  • Be able to recognize and effectively solve problems.
  • Be self-managed with the ability to organize and prioritize your work load.
  • Above average math skills.


  • BA or BS preferred in accounting, mathematics, statistics, computer science, software engineering, or other relevant quantitative research disciplines.


  • At least 2 years of experience in positions emphasizing quantitative data analysis, the applying of quantitative data to achieve operational objectives, and using data to model and forecast behavior and trends.
  • Experience in completing these types of activities in any industry or field is welcome, but we especially encourage individuals in the transportation, logistics, finance, warehousing, intelligence, or military sectors to apply.