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Using MVRs To Save Money And Lives 

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Using MVRs To Save Money And Lives 

When hiring anyone, an employer looks back at the history of performance of the candidate to help determine how that person will perform going forward.  When hiring a driver, or hiring an employee required to operate a company vehicle, an important step is to review the candidates driving history before making the hire. Reviewing the motor vehicle record (MVR) of a job candidate is the most accurate and effective way to provide a window into a candidates driving history.

An MVR is a report of an individual’s driving history from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For DOT regulated companies, a review of the MVR is a required regulatory function at the time of hiring a commercial vehicle driver and, at minimum, during an annual review of violations of each commercial vehicle driver.  The MVR is to be included within a Driver Qualification file as a required supporting document.

Employers want safe and responsible drivers behind the wheel of their vehicles and the MVR review process is critical for safety assurance when hiring drivers that can help save money and lives.


What is a Motor Vehicle Record?

An MVR will check for several pieces of information that show on a driver's license as well as:

  • Accident reports
  • Traffic violations
  • DUI convictions
  • License suspensions
  • Vehicular crimes
  • Unpaid summons and insurance lapses

The amount of information you can get from an MVR check varies by state because some states keep records for 3 years while others keep records for 10 years. An MVR will also include endorsement data for any type of vehicle, including passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial trucks, and buses.

Should there be negative information reported on an MVR that would adversely influence the hiring decision, the applicant must be given a copy of the report and be given time to correct any mistakes before any adverse hiring decision is made.


How do MVR reviews help save money and lives?

Reviewing a candidates driving history is a predictor of how the person will drive as an employee.  Employers need to take every step to ensure their driver will be safe and responsible behind the wheel to avoid the risks of hiring a bad driver.

OSHA has financial impact statistics of vehicular safety affecting companies:

  • Motor-vehicle crashes cost companies $60 billion annually in legal expenses, lost productivity, medical care and property damage.
  • The average motor vehicle crash costs an employer $16,500.
  • When an employee is involved in an on-the-job crash that results in an injury, the cost to their employer—on average—is $74,000. If a fatality is involved, the employer may be forced to pay up to $500,000, and if punitive damages are awarded, the employer may have to pay millions of dollar

Performing an MVR check can help keep an employer from hiring a known liability risk, saving themselves money, and quite possibly lives.  MVR reviews of employee drivers needs to be an important component of any business’s screening policy.


How do I get an MVR?

The FMCSA requires that a carrier obtain and review a driver candidates MVR at the time of hire. To ensure the employer remains aware of a commercial drivers driving record, an annual review of the driver is also required and must include an updated MVR.

Whether you are required to obtain an MVR for your drivers or just want to add another level of safety assurance for your fleet, obtaining an MVR can only be done with the driver’s written permission and processed directly with the drivers State of license or through a registered state agent, like Glostone Trucking Solutions.

If you are interested in Glostone pulling MVRs for you or want to learn more, call us at 503.607.1088 or fill out the form below.

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04 Apr, 19

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