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FMCSA provides ‘search tool’ while Certified Medical Examiners Registry site still down

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FMCSA provides ‘search tool’ while Certified Medical Examiners Registry site still down

The FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (CME) website has been down for over a month now, so the FMCSA is providing a new search tool to help drivers, motor carriers and state driver’s license agencies to verify that a health care provider is certified and listed on the registry.

The website, which allows commercial drivers to confirm which doctors are on the national registry to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, originally went down on Nov. 30. We still don’t know the reason for why the website went down in the first place.

The website states that “to use this search tool, the Medical Examiner’s National Registry number will be required. Drivers needing to verify a specific provider is certified and listed on the national registry prior to an examination can obtain this number by contacting their health care professional directly.”

It went on further stating, “each certified medical examiner on the national registry is provided a national registry number when registering to become certified to conduct Department of Transportation physical qualification examinations. If the search for a national registry number does not provide a result, it may be that the medical examiner is registered but has not yet completed the process to become certified by FMCSA, and the driver should find a new provider.”

The FMCSA said CMEs can continue to conduct DOT physicals and issue paper Medical Examiner’s Certificates to qualified drivers.

The agency said test centers should hold all test results that need to be transmitted until the system is operational.

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05 Jan, 18

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