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8 ELD Ideas To Add To Your Hours of Service Company Policy

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Every Motor Carrier is required to have a written Company Policy for how it intends to follow the Hours of Service regulations outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs).

Carriers who are now required to use an ELD or AOBRD to record hours of service may want to consider updating their policy.


Here are 8 ELD ideas to add to your Hours of Service company policy:

  1. Using ELD/AOBRD – Driver is required to understand how to interact with the device including how to log in/out, updating information, changing duty status, making annotations, and determining available drive time
  2. ELD HOS Inspection – Driver must have the ability to read, transmit, display, explain hours of service ELD data during an inspection
  3. ELD Instructions Book – Driver must maintain a copy of the ELD device operational instructions in the truck and make it available if asked in an inspection
  4. Personal Conveyance – Driver must only record Personal Conveyance in accordance with the exception as defined in Part 395
  5. ELD Notations for Adverse Driving Conditions – Driver must only apply the Adverse Driving Conditions notation in accordance to the condition as defined in Part 395
  6. Accurate Driver Logs – Driver must insure all logs are accurate and finalized by editing unintentional status errors and making a final log approval at the end of each work period.
  7. Blank paper logs – Driver must maintain a supply of blank paper logs in the truck with the ability to reconstruct paper logs in case of recording device failure
  8. ELD/AOBRD Malfunctions – Driver must insure device failures are rectified within 8 days


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14 Dec, 17

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