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CVSA Approves Definitions of a Level 8 Electronic “Credentials Check” Inspection

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CVSA Approves Definitions of a Level 8 Electronic “Credentials Check” Inspection

The future of inspections at weigh stations is nearly here, getting caught on camera. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has voted and approved definitions of a new Level 8 electronic inspection, which has been in development for the last couple years.

The Level 8 is defined as an “inspection conducted electronically or wirelessly while the vehicle is in motion without direct interaction with an enforcement officer,” according to CVSA.

This is basically a “credential check” where more carriers may be caught for not having their Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) current. However, this type of inspection will most likely not affect safety scores as it will not be checking for flat tires or other safety issues covered in deeper inspections.


Is the Level 8 Inspection coming soon?

The North American Jurisdictions don’t yet have the ability for an electronic inspection, but CVSA’s approved definitions for what such electronic inspections need is a step toward their final goal.

In other words, the update sets the stage for further tests of the electronic concept to come in a variety of jurisdictions. For example, officials in the Canadian province of Alberta recently gestured their willingness to move forward with the Level 8 inspection as a policy.

The designation also follows a variety of e-inspection/expedited Level 3 demonstrations that have occurred around the United States the last several years, spearheaded by state jurisdictions, the Drivewyze company, and a variety of other technology providers, according to Overdrive Magazine.

Though hindered in recent years by Congressional efforts to limit funding for the project, the FMCSA has long pursued proof of concept of its Wireless Roadside Inspection effort. While the federal effort envisions wireless inspection at levels beyond driver/carrier credentialing, the new Level 8 electronic inspection definition falls closers to the “expedited Level 3” demonstrated by private groups and states.


The Level 8 electronic inspection must include:

  • A “descriptive location, including GPS coordinates.”
  • Electronic validation of the current operator, including “driver’s license class” and any endorsements, a “valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate” and, where applicable, a Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate for those with medical waivers for missing limbs.
  • Current hours of service status and compliance information.
  • USDOT or (Canada) NSC number of the authorized carrier, power unit registration information, operating authority info, and Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) compliance information.
  • Any federal out-of-service orders.

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07 Aug, 17

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