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Ultimate Guide to the Best Load Boards for Truck Drivers

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Load Boards for Truck Drivers

Article by Kathryn Esper, Factor Finder

Here is EVERYTHING You Need to Find Truck Loads Online

The success of small trucking companies and owner operators hinges on finding loads to haul and maintaining a solid list of customers. Truckers can find loads that in a number of ways, whether through person-to-person referrals or by outreach to local industry associations. However, given the times and the rise of the internet as the most efficient medium for communication, an easy way to secure hauls is by using an online load board.

So, what is an online load board? Think of it like a for the trucking industry. Load boards are websites that essentially provide a venue for shippers and truckers to make arrangements to move freight. Shippers and/or brokers post truck loads that they need transported, and truckers looking for loads to carry can find them.

Why do Trucking Companies Use Load Boards?

Load boards for truckers are handy for several reasons. Here is a list of a couple of the perks that come along with using them:

  • Messaging boards – if you see a truck load that you want to take, most have some sort of function that allows you to chat instantly with the broker.
  • Opportunities to review shippers/carriers— the ability to review/be reviewed by shippers helps you get a reputation within the industry.
  • Credit information —know who you are working before you accept a load from a freight broker or shipper.
  • Mobile access —stay connected on the go so that you can find a load to carry before your current job is even finished.
  • Proof of FMCSA certification — to show customers that you are legitimate.
  • Spot Rates —know how much other small trucking companies are getting paid and make sure that you the best deal when freight matching.
  • Days-to-Pay Information — the best load boards can give you an idea how long it will take brokers to pay you for the freight loads that you haul.
  • Freight Matching Alerts — online load boards will often times alert you when a shipper has expressed interest in making an arrangement with you.

Due to their wide-ranging features, online load boards can be useful tools for small trucking companies and owner-operators who are looking to build their clientele or to get their business rolling along.


A List of the Top Online Load Boards (Free and Paid)

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28 Mar, 17

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