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October Begins the Permit Renewal Season

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October Begins the Permit Renewal Season

December 31st deadline or face citations!

The clouds are rolling in and the leaves are changing colors! October begins the permit renewal season for interstate truck licensing, permits and fees.

Most permits and annual fees must be renewed and paid prior to December 31st. Depending on the State, some interstate truck registrations expire December 31st.

When it comes to processing individual renewal requests, most State’s give a “must be received by date” and then use a “first come, first served” or “first in, first out” approach.

For example, to renew the Oregon Weight Tax Identifier or an Oregon truck registration, Oregon says they must receive the renewal paperwork from the Carrier by October 31st to guarantee the processing is complete by December 31st.

Renewals received after the “must be received by date” are worked as rapidly as their man power and systems allow. Should that process take them into January, the Carrier is subject to citation for non-renewal due to the fact that the Carrier failed to turn in their paperwork by deadline.

What an interstate carrier must renew by December 31st varies by:

  • Which State the trucks are based
  • Where the trucks travel
  • At what weight they are registered
  • And what the trucks carry

The following are the major programs up for renewal:

  • All interstate carriers operating trucks over 26,000 lbs must renew their IFTA license.
  • All interstate carriers must pay their 2020 Unified Carrier Registration fees for each interstate truck registered at over 10,000 lbs.
  • All trucks traveling in Oregon that are registered at over 26,000 lbs must renew their Oregon Weight Tax Identifier (weight/mile tax account).
  • All trucks traveling in New Mexico that are registered at over 26,000 lbs must renew their New Mexico weight/mile tax account.
  • Most States use a staggered system when it comes to the date to renew truck registrations. For all Oregon based trucks, December 31st is the deadline for registration renewal.
  • Many individual State HAZMAT permits expire December 31st

At Glostone Trucking Solutions, we are the experts when it comes to renewals. We process all types of renewals for hundreds of carriers every year. We know what to do, who to talk to, the quickest way to get it done and work with you every step of the way. Find out more about How We Can Help.

For Oregon and Washington based Carriers, we have daily appointments at the DOT. For carriers based in other States, when necessary, we coordinate with partners located in the State to get the job done.

Don’t take a chance at getting lost in the renewal paperwork process. Give us a call today at 503-607-1088!

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