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Trucking with a Dog — What Drivers Should Know About Furry Companions

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Trucking with a Dog — What Drivers Should Know About Furry Companions

Being a long-haul driver means long trips and even longer days on the road. Have you ever thought about having a furry friend in your passenger seat to make the drive less lonely? Who better to keep you company than your best friend? Trucking with a dog makes truckers safer drivers and happier ones!

Our friends at Factor Finders put together a fun infographic  on Trucking with a Dog – What You Should Know (see below). They break it down a bit more:

The Ingredients for the Perfect Trucker Dog

When choosing a dog to tag along in your truck, keep in mind the space limitations in your truck cabin. While trucking companies have varying restrictions on weight limits or breeds, most suggest choosing a dog that is no bigger than 50 pounds. Medium to small-sized breeds allow for plenty of room for you and your dog, plus a little extra space for food and water dishes to sit on the floor.

With dogs comes lots of fur, so go for a short-coated friend—think bulldogs, pitbulls, and boxers. Sure, they’ll shed a bit, but their little hairs are much more manageable. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lint rolling your entire truck after each trip.

Lastly, opt for a dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. Older dogs and lazy dogs are perfect for the trucker lifestyle because they are content with sitting for long periods of time. No matter the dog you choose, remember to give him/her a chance to walk around at each rest stop. But, driving will be much easier if your dog isn’t constantly begging to play fetch. Plus, older shelter dogs typically have a harder time finding homes, so let one join you on the road! You won’t have to worry about potty-training, or puppy energy.

Pet-Proofing Your Truck

After you choose your trucking canine companion, it’s time to dog-proof your truck.

  • When training your dog for the trucking lifestyle, create a barrier between your pup and your pedals. When he/she gets used to the environment, you can remove the barrier. But, until then, make the clutch and brakes off limits.
  • Make his/her space roomy and safe. If you opt for a smaller dog, make sure he/she can’t get stuck or pinched under the seat. Check out Trucking Truth‘s tips on how to ride safely with your pup!
  • Store chewable items like medicine, food, or trash in compartments and out of your dog’s reach.
  • Always have plenty of fresh water available. Keep a semi-full water dish on the floor of your truck, so your companion can drink whenever he/she pleases. Hot days and long trips will make your dog just as thirsty as you!

Tools for Truck Driving with a Dog

Your dog will get used to your trucking lifestyle in no time. But, don’t forget to bring along his/her necessary belongings, too!

  • Remember to always have a leash handy and use it at every rest stop. Trucker dogs get used to the noises of traffic and loud trucks, so using a leash ensures that your pup is safe and close by at all times.
  • Vaccination records, CVI, and other necessary paperwork are important to always keep in your truck. Most companies require at least proof of rabies vaccination and tags.
  • Bring enough food and treats to keep your pup full and happy for a couple weeks. Keep in mind how long you will be on the road, while taking weather delays and breakdowns into consideration just in case.
  • Accidents happen, and it’s okay. Keep some extra cleaning supplies and air fresheners around so you can easily tidy up your dog’s space.


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09 Sep, 16

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