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Increasing Regulatory and Business Pressures Forcing Change in Fleet Operations

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Increasing Regulatory and Business Pressures Forcing Change in Fleet Operations

The onslaught of increased regulation as well as increased demands on business is forcing many fleet managers to rethink how they perform day to day operations. New regulatory rules covering hours of service, speed limiters, sleep apnea, safety fitness determination, drug and alcohol clearing house, emission regulations and more will all need to be factored into daily fleet operations.

Combine these new regulatory requirements with business pressures such as driver retention, freight tracking ability, programs to reduce risk and drive down costs, fleet managers have their work cut out for them.

Fleet Operations noncompliance ebook

Decisions on how to move forward with change are best began with a deep dive, self-analysis of the current fleet operations, staff, management and technology.

Questions like:

  • What do we do well?
  • What don’t we do well?
  • What operations make the most profit?
  • What operations make the least profit?
  • What will it take to get better operationally?
  • Do we have the expertise in regulatory compliance to know what needs to be done?
  • Do we have the right technology hardware and software?
  • Does our staff have the skill set to implement change and work with new technology?
  • Does management have the skill set to both manage the business and train the staff?
  • Do we have enough staff to implement change?
  • For the overall health of our company, what exactly do we want our staff to focus on?

Finding answers to these questions and more begin to paint the picture of how daily operations must change and what it will take to get there. Fleets are finding that the answer usually involves outsourcing. How much is outsourced depends upon where the company decides to place its focus.

The right outsource partner can provide the trained staffing, management, technology, programs, expertise and reporting to help fleet management accomplish necessary compliance and best practice tasks. The right outsource partner will assist fleet management with taking the information from these tasks and implementing it into the day to day operations to achieve the desired results.

The one thing that is certain, change is constant in the trucking industry. Those that can adapt will survive. Those that won’t, will not.

Give the Glostone Trucking Solutions experts a call to discuss our ability to tailor needs to your business as the Best-In-Class outsource partner, 503-607-1088. See our fleet solutions by clicking here.

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