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FMCSA To Open A Two Year Window To Remove Non-Preventable Crashes From CSA Scores

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FMCSA To Open A Two Year Window To Remove Non-Preventable Crashes From CSA Scores


In the coming days, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is planning to publish in the Federal Register a two year test ruling to implement a form of crash accountability into the CSA safety rating program.  The ruling will allow carriers to contest non-preventable crashes that are currently being counted against them within the CSA scoring methodology.  A successful challenge could potentially remove these crashes from the FMCSA’s CSA recordkeeping data being kept for both carriers and drivers.

The two year test to contest crashes will be implemented and managed through the DATA Q system that is currently in place to challenge roadside violations. Both fleets and owner operators will be able to dispute a crash by submitting documents and other proof that the crash was obviously not the fault of the carrier or driver.  A successful challenge will remove the crash from the records and recalculate the carrier’s CSA score.

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The FMCSA test plan will initially focus on four crash types that are easily deemed non-preventable.

  • Struck by a motorist driving under the influence
  • Struck by a motorist driving in the wrong direction
  • Struck in the rear
  • Struck while legally stopped or parked


Also under consideration is eliminating other crash types such as suicide by truck and animal strikes.  The FMCSA hopes to receive public comment on these types of crashes and what documents could be uploaded into the DATA Q system to help prove the crash was non-preventable.

When published, the rule will include a 60 day comment period meant to help the agency guide the program.  No specific date has been announced as to when this program will be implemented.

Should you have a non-preventable crash on your CSA record and think you may want to make the DATA Q challenge, let Glostone know and we will keep you informed as to when those challenges can be submitted.

If you think you might need help now, Glostone Trucking Solutions has performed many successful DATA Q challenges for our clients and we would be happy to assist. Call us at 503-607-1088.

11 Jul, 16

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