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Glostone Helped Client save $14,000 from DOT Violation Fines

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Glostone Helped Client save $14,000 from DOT Violation Fines They Faced

corrective action plan helped save client $14,000It is always scary for trucking companies when they are fined for violating even a single DOT regulation. Glostone has a track record in helping prevent these fines from ever happening. In some situations, clients reach out to us after they already received hefty fines looking for help and what to do next.

Glostone just helped a client in the state of Washington who faced $70,000 in fines. Our expert staff walked them through the DOT Corrective Action Plan and Correspondence Assistance service for clients facing this very problem.

We just received word that we helped reduce the fines by $14,000 (that’s 20%)! The help this company received from Glostone cost them less than .5% compared to the fines they faced. This equates to 98% of savings after the cost of our service!

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Our professional staff are here to help trucking companies when they face fines from DOT violations and, ideally, here to help prevent these violations from ever happening by keeping your CSA scores low.

Learn more about what we do at or call us at 503-607-1088.

20 Jun, 16

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