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Incorrect Insurance Information being posted to SAFER

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Incorrect Insurance Information being posted to SAFER


Have you recently gone through the process in getting a New Authority or updated Insurance information? If the answer if “Yes” then your insurance information posted on SAFER may be incorrect.

Right now, FMCSA is transitioning the URS System. During this process, the computer code that populates Licensing and Insurance (L&I) records to SAFER has an error. This error is causing some L&I records to not populate with the correct amount of required insurance.

This inaccurate information could affect your company. For example, if a broker is looking at a company SAFER record for a new load and the insurance information does not show the required amount, due to the code error, you may lose that load.

According to FMCSA, they have begun programmatically correcting L&I records that were not populated with the correct amount of required insurance.  Their hope and expectation is that they will have corrected all of them by the end of the day.

This will fix the known records that did not show correct information, but until FMCSA corrects the code that populates L&I records, they will have to continue making these corrections as new records are created.

So here is the bad news. Because FMCSA is in the process of migrating its systems to “the Cloud”, the timeline for placing the corrected code in production may be affected. FMCSA is fixing the computer code problem, but their best-case scenario for a complete fix is June 15, and a worst-case scenario is July 15.

If you think this may affect your company, then go to the SAFER portal and verify your Licensing and Insurance record information.

07 Jun, 16

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