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Welcome Tony Hugo – Glostone Trucking Solution’s new Director of Safety Services!

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Welcome Tony Hugo – Glostone Trucking Solution’s new Director of Safety Services!


Friends, Clients, and Colleagues:

Glostone Trucking Solutions is growing at a rapid pace, especially our FMCSA safety and compliance department. In order to accommodate our growth and to ensure our ability to quickly respond to your FMCSA compliance questions, processes your compliance paperwork, and respond to FMCSA audits and compliance enforcements, we have hired Tony Hugo as our Director of Safety Services! Tony will be joining our executive team and will be leading and managing the efforts of our safety department

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Tony comes to Glostone Trucking Solutions with over five years of local FMCSA enforcement experience, first as a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer with the Oregon Department of Transportation and then as a Safety Compliance Specialist. Tony also honorably served the State of Oregon as a Lieutenant for Oregon’s Department of Corrections for thirteen years.

In addition to helping to direct the day-to-day operations of Glostone’s safety department, Tony will assist Glostone in understanding more intimately the evaluation and scoring process of ODOT and FMCSA auditors. Tony’s insight will help Glostone to further refine our current audit preparation processes and conform our on-going auditing processes – like maintaining vehicle maintenance files, driver qualification files, and hours of service records – to the expectations of state and federal officials and to industry best practices. Tony will also be helping to further enhance our already in-depth training curriculum and to develop new course work.

Outside of his professional life, Tony is a devoted family man, an adventurous home-brewer, and an avid outdoorsman.

Next time you’re in our office, be sure to say hello to Tony and welcome him to the Glostone team!

09 May, 16

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