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OTA in Action Alert – Statewide support needed to help defeat proposed gas tax

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Dear Glostone Clients,

Please read through the important information below.  The Oregon Trucking Association is a major voice in advocating for the trucking industry within Oregon politics.  The City of Portland is trying to impose a significant tax on all trucks picking up or delivering in Portland.  If the tax method is implemented in Portland, it will become a roadmap for other cities to adopt.  The Oregon Trucking Association needs your help to fight against this tax both at the polls when voting and in any donations you can spare to help the lobbying efforts.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Dave Gray
President, Glostone Trucking Solutions

OTA in Action Alert

Statewide support needed to help defeat proposed gas tax

We need your help so that we can better help you. If you pick-up or deliver in Portland, you should be aware of the following actions of the Portland City Council. You may have heard that the City has referred a 10 cent gas tax increase to the May ballot. The gas tax applies to vehicles that weigh 26,000 lbs. or less. Of more concern to the trucking industry, the City also recently proposed a diesel load fee to collect tax from vehicles over 26,000 lbs. The load fee would apply to all loads of diesel fuel coming out of the terminals in Linnton, Oregon.

Following a meeting with Commissioner Novick on March 10th where OTA and others indicated our strong opposition to the load fee, the City returned with a new approach on March 31: A surcharge on Portland’s Business License Tax for all companies that operate heavy vehicles in the City.


What does this mean for all trucking companies across the state?


For those of you who are not familiar with Portland’s Business License Tax, it is essentially an income tax on every business operating in Portland whether or not the business actually has a physical location in the City.

For trucking companies, whether intrastate or interstate, if you pick up or deliver in Portland you are subject to the tax. Many of you may not be paying this tax today, as the evasion rate is pretty high; however, the City has indicated that they will significantly increase enforcement if this proposal moves forward.

The City intends to raise between $2.5 and $7.5 million per year from the surcharge alone.

Learn more about what’s behind the proposed gas tax and surcharge.


How to do it…


The best way to defeat the Business License Surcharge is to defeat the gas tax at the polls in May. OTA has joined with the petroleum industry to do just that. Our initial polling indicates that we can succeed with a modest campaign. We are proposing to spend no more than $150,000. The petroleum industry has agreed to fund $100,000 and they are asking for $50,000 from us.

OTA needs to deliver on our commitment to fund this effort. If Portland succeeds in raising the gas tax and the Business License fee, other local governments will no doubt soon follow. We need to stop this foolishness now!!! I am asking that you make a donation to this important campaign. $50,000 is a small price to pay to save millions per year. Please, send your check today.

Checks should be made out to: OFA-PAC
Tax ID number 91-1849979
Mail your check to: OTA at 4005 SE Naef Rd., Portland, OR 979267

If you would prefer that we invoice you, please call OTA President Jana Jarvis at 503/522-5902 (cell) or the OTA office at 503/513-0005 and we will get an invoice out to you right away.

Also, if you have any questions, please call Jana or OTA VP of Government Affairs Bob Russell at 503/930-3535.

Time is of the essence- we need to know by next Tuesday what level of support we can give this campaign.

Thank you for your support with this effort! With the help of all OTA members from around the state, we can defeat this latest attempt to increase the cost of doing business in Oregon!

~Jana Jarvis
President, Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc.

06 Apr, 16

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