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Stories From The Bakken Oil Fields – Your Comments

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Stories From The Bakken Oil Fields, A Trucker’s Perspective on Driver Safety


We at Glostone Trucking Solutions love to hear your feedback. We had a lot of interest in the ‘Stories From The Bakken Oil Fields’ article that one of our employees wrote on his experiences. Below is your input and comments. Feel free to add your comments and stories of your own experiences in trucking.


“We either commit to safety or not. Sometimes it may seem expensive and time consuming to focus on safety until we look at the time and cost of a major failure. Everyone should be able to go home to their loved ones at the end of the shift!”  K. Nussbaum

“It’s so obvious the companies in the patch that view safety as a choice. Safety, to be effective, is not a choice, but a culture. Its something new employees are brought up in, and grows with the company.

So many carriers try to buy their way into plausible deniability instead of funding quality training and even more quality employees. Like the article suggests, the patch is a heavy offender.”  M. Lopez

“Safety has always took a back seat to profit. This have been the attitude of most companies. It’s mission first. Some drivers also share this attitude too. Taking care of the good drivers and management with competitive pay will lead to safe drivers. It also help to a company to weave out bad management and drivers. Just saying!”  K. Tisdell

“Safety is job One. Lives can be lost. No one wants to work with an impaired team member or driver. I believe that most safety officers and risk managers have a vested interest in providing a safe workplace for personnel and pride themselves on excellent safety records. Drug testing including alcohol testing and abstinence programs will eventually lead to much safer work environments. we see that already in legislation signed by both houses promoting hair testing for truckers, for one reason: it catches drug users. If urine had a look back window of 90 days it would be just as good. Most people believe that applicants should be drug tested, and using the best test seems to be the most recent thinking. For better or worse, a look back window of 90 days for applicant, pre employment testing seems to be a great idea leading to safety environments.”  M. Schaffer

“The problems in the oil field are driving junk trucks that are not maintained. Working for greedy carriers who have no regard for any regulations what so ever. They work for greedy oil companies who also have no regard for any regulation what so ever. Driving for days without sleep and this goes on for weeks at a time without a break of any kind. This article barely scratched the surface. Ask a driver who’s worked the oil fields if you want the real truth as to what goes on. The drivers are lured into this work only to discover what really gees on. Once your hooked ts hard to get out. You basically forced to run illegal in all respects. At least until you can find a way home. What really goes on out their should make you sick. Zero respect for safety and human lives! It’s all about greed and money.”  D. Fanning

02 Mar, 16

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