Glostone Trucking Solutions had their DOT Compliance Quiz results published in FleetOwner Magazine last month (which can be found here). The 30 question quiz is based around FMCSA regulations from DOT drug testing, hiring rights, trucking definitions, common weight regulations, log book regulations, and more.

At the time we had around 130 quiz takers that included truckers, fleet managers, and compliance specialists. The results were interesting…

The average test score was about 60%!

Top 5 most common questions missed:

1. How Long Do I Need To Keep My IRP (International Registration Plan) Records For IRP Audit Purposes?

a. 1 Year
b. 4 Years
c. 5 Years
d. Record retention is not required for IRP

2. At What GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) Is The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Heavy Vehicle Use Tax On A Commercial Vehicle Required?

a. 10,000 lbs
b. 26,000 lbs
c. Over 55,000 lbs
d. None of the above

3. A Driver Must Complete A Post-Accident Alcohol Test Within ____ Hours And A Post-Accident Drug Test Within ____ Hours.

a. 6 and 12
b. 10 and 24
c. 8 and 24
d. 8 and 32

4. A Driver Is Required To Complete A Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR):

a. For each vehicle he/she operates in a 24-hour period
b. For each new trip in a commercial vehicle
c. A daily vehicle inspection report does not need to be completed
d. Only upon discovery of a vehicle defect

5. A Driver Must Complete A DOT Post-Accident Drug And Alcohol Test When There Is:

a. A fatality, injury requiring treatment or damage requiring a tow
b. A fatality, serious injury requiring medical treatment, damages of $2000 or more
c. A fatality, or an injury requiring treatment and the driver is cited within 8 hours or damages requiring a tow and the driver is cited within 8 hours
d. A verifiable violation of company, county, state or federal statutes.

Compliance Quiz Statistics Now

A month later since the FleetOwner article came out, we have had 265 quiz takers and the scores were basically the same, averaging 65%.

We in the trucking industry need to do more with training and awareness on the common FMCSA regulations, especially the ones that can cause hefty violation fines. This includes driver training, fleet management training, and staying up-to-date on the latest regulation changes.

Take the quiz and see how you do, you may be surprised by the results.


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