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2016 License and Permit Renewals Begin

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2016 License and Permit Renewals Begin

Renewing registrations, licenses, tax accounts, and many specialty permits is an annual headache carrier’s dread.   Most 2016 renewals start in October and must be completed prior to December 31, 2015, including:

  • Truck Registrations which must include proof of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment
  • IFTA Licenses
  • UCR Filings
  • Oregon Weight/Tax Identifier Account
  • New Mexico Mileage Tax Account
  • New York Heavy Use Tax (HUT) Permit (due by November 30)
  • And many individual Federal and State specialty permits like:
    • Over weight/dimension Permits
    • HazMat Permits

The renewal season floods state agencies with added work.  Many states have undergone budget cuts and have reduced the locations and/or staffing to process these renewals.  In their effort to control the workflow and provide timely service, these agencies open up the renewal process several months prior to the deadline.  Proactive carriers renewing early within the time frame will find the process much less frustrating than the procrastinators who wait until the last minute.  The procrastinators are often faced with long lines and/or long waits to receive their new credentials.  Those without their new credentials by January 1, 2016, can face heavy fines.

The time to plan which states you will operate in during 2016 is now.  Defining your operations will determine what accounts and permits to renew.  Renewing early is the only way to guarantee you won’t experience any down time or fines due to expired credentials.

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28 Sep, 15

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