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Glostone Newsletter November 2014

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Glostone Newsletter November 2014

California Given EPA Waiver Allowing Enforcement of Greenhouse Gas Regulations

The California Air Resources Board has issued a regulatory advisory to notify carriers that they sought and received a waiver of the federal Clean Air Act from the Environmental Protection Agency.  The waiver paves the way for California to legally enforce specific provisions of its Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas regulations.

The California Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation, adopted in December 2008, was developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving the fuel efficiency of heavy duty tractors that pull 53 foot or longer box type trailers.  The regulation requires tractor-trailers operating in California to use tractors and box type trailers that utilize certain aerodynamic equipment and low rolling resistance tires that have been verified by the US EPA SmartWay program.

Prior to receiving the waiver from the EPA, only 2010 and older model year tractors and trailers could be ticketed for California Greenhouse Gas regulation infractions.  With the waiver, 2011 and newer model year tractors and trailers can now be targeted.

Carriers operating in California need to be aware of these additional requirements.

It’s Time For 2015 Licensing and Permit Renewals

Renewing registrations, licenses, tax accounts, and many specialty permits is an annual headache carrier’s dread.   Most 2015 renewals start in October and must be completed prior to December 31, 2014, including:

  • Oregon Truck Registrations (including proof of HVUT payment)
  • IFTA Licenses
  • UCR Filings
  • Oregon Weight/Tax Identifier Account
  • New Mexico Mileage Tax Account
  • And many individual Federal and State specialty permits like:
    • Over Dimensional Permits
    • HazMat Permits

Avoid the long lines and waits altogether by having Glostone process your renewals. We are experts in the renewal process, use the latest technology and have daily agency appointments to get your renewals processed timely and without the headache. Don’t wait until the last minute! Call us today!

Log Book Mastery Course Offered

Hours of service rules have been the irritant of driver and manager alike for as long as anyone can remember. Log book violations are the number one reason drivers are placed out of service.   Logbook violations are also among the easiest violations for an auditor to find during a safety review. If your company fails in this area the best safety rating you will get is a Conditional.

Our 8 hour Log Book Mastery class will show you how to better understand and self-regulate:

  • Hours of Service rules: 11-14, 60/7, & 70/8 rules
  • Split-sleeper & combined off-duty options
  • How to check for falsified logs
  • Effective discipline programs
  • 34 Hour Restart
  • 30 minute Rest Break

The class will be held November 26th, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at our Glostone Clackamas Learning Center. Tuition is $99.00 and includes all workshop materials, catered lunch and a certificate of completion.

Stealthy Health: Easy Ways to Stay Well on the Road

Stay on the Move by Michelle Kalista

When it comes to calorie loss: movement is movement.  Whether you are taking a jog before a shift, or fiddling with the radio – all movement results in a loss of calories.  What does this mean?  That you can stay healthier on the road by making small increases in your movement whenever you have the chance.  Now of course there are some activities that cause you to lose calories more quickly, however even small movements produce a thermogenic (heat producing) effect that will burn calories.  A couple of examples: take a trip around your trailer before climbing in the cab, stretch in the cab when stopped, and one of the easiest ways: fidget.  Yes, fidgeting can burn calories.  In fact, if consistent, it can burn up to about 800 calories in one day!  Now, by the definition of the word, fidgeting can include any small idle movements such as: drumming your fingers on the wheel, changing the radio station, reaching for a water bottle, etc.  The more you move, the move effective the movement will be in calorie loss.  A bonus is that if the movement is consistent, your body builds upon the energy it is already burning.  For example: if you were to involve yourself in a higher level of physical activity such as running, these thermogenic effects could last for up to 8 hours after your exercise.  To capitalize on this benefit, continuing any type of physical activity can help this effect last even longer.  To put it simply – move as much as you can!  Whenever you have the chance to make a few extra movements, think about the benefit you are giving to your body and then stay on the move.

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