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Oregon Temporary Passes

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Effective July, 2013, the Oregon Department of Transportation implemented restrictions to the number of temporary passes a motor carrier can purchase in a 12 month period as required by Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 740-035-015. This rule states, in part, that a motor carrier will be required to establish an account when any one vehicle exceeds five (5) temporary passes or when an entire account exceeds 35 temporary passes within one twelve (12) month period. In addition, the Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD) may require a cash deposit to insure the payment of fees, taxes, charges, penalties, and interest when a motor carrier operates on temporary passes per OAR 740-040-0070. MCTD will establish the amount of such cash deposited in accordance with Department standards and practices. The required deposit obligation can be met by providing the full cash deposit amount; paying $100 or twice the amount of the weight-mile tax charge rounded up to the next ten dollars, whichever is greater, for each temporary pass purchased, or providing a surety bond in lieu of the cash deposit.

MCTD recommends that to save time and money, carriers should establish an account as soon as possible. To apply for an account, your company must complete and submit an Application for Motor Carrier Account form 935-9075. This application is available at Once your account is established, you may also apply for Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifiers rather than operate on Temporary Passes.


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