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Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP)

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Avoid hiring a problem!  Find out a driver candidates roadside violation history before you make the hire by accessing the DOT’s Pre-employment Screening Program report.  Glostone Trucking Solutions is a registered third party provider for these reports and can save you the time and the expense of establishing, accessing, record keeping and renewing your own account.

Simply send us the drivers signed consent form and within 24 hours you will receive the DOT PSP report outlining DOT violation data collected over the past 3 years for that driver.

For Drivers!

Your eligibility to get a job as a driver can be directly influenced by the DOT PSP report.  It is recommended that every driver verify the accuracy of their PSP report data at least twice per year.  Inaccuracies should be challenged through the DOT DataQ process to keep your record clean.  Glostone Trucking Solutions can obtain your PSP report on an “as requested” basis or on a set schedule so that can routinely view your data.

26 Dec, 12

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