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Are You Paying Too Much For Your DOT Drug Testing?

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CleanFleet Drug and Alcohol Testing and Best-in-Class TPA

Keeping your drivers in check!

Glostone Trucking Solutions is proud to have CleanFleet as its trusted professional partner for drug & alcohol program compliance. CleanFleet manages drug & alcohol programs for fleets of all sizes. Its network of over 3,500 collection sites across the country makes it convenient for clients to quickly comply with DOT testing, even if they are on the road.

CleanFleet’s core service is providing the required DOT random driver drug and alcohol selections throughout the year, but they go way beyond that. CleanFleet also handles all result collection and notification. Pre-employment testing is also managed in the same efficient manner. They can even provide program management for companies wanting to implement testing for employees not covered by DOT regulation. The friendly staff provides consortium data that meets DOT audit standards.

CleanFleet negotiates the lowest possible cost of testing for its clients. “We’re continually negotiating with collection sites, labs, and MROs and using our growing volume to get the lowest price possible for our clients,” says Brian Gray, COO and CTO for CleanFleet. “We keep our overhead low and pass the savings along to our customers. If you’re paying more than $60 per drug test, you’re paying too much,” he says. “We pride ourselves on being a cost leader in drug & alcohol testing.”

The newest service CleanFleet provides is the DOT required reasonable suspicion training for supervisors. All companies that operate more than one truck must have at least one trained staff member with reasonable suspicion training. The CleanFleet training consists of a two hour class that meets DOT requirements. In-person training is available at the Clackamas office by appointment for $100. A web-based video training option is also available for $50. Don’t face a DOT audit without having completed this training!

CleanFleet plans to launch a website next year to enhance its services (see it now for Drug and Alcohol Testing and Management). The website will allow clients to login and access test results and consortium data 24/7. It will also allow clients to keep driver lists up-to-date more efficiently.

Call CleanFleet today at 503-479-6082!

01 Sep, 11

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